The Miz, Becky Lynch & Shawn Michaels set for 'The Marine 6'

Two members of the current roster and a Hall of Famer are set for roles in the next edition of WWE Studios’ “The Marine” franchise.

It was announced today that The Miz, Becky Lynch, and Shawn Michaels would have parts in “The Marine 6: Close Quarters.” Miz will reprise his role as Jake Carter, the lead character, and Michaels will also play a Marine. Lynch’s character has yet to be confirmed.

Miz has starred in the last three editions of the series, with the last four movies being direct-to-DVD releases. James Nunn, who directed “The Marine 5: Battleground,” is back for the sixth movie.

Here’s how WWE describes the next “Marine” installment: “When Jake Carter (The Miz) and fellow Marine Luke Trapper (Shawn Michaels) stumble upon a kidnapped girl being held prisoner by a dangerous gang of international criminals, they find themselves in the crosshairs as they try to save the girl and bring her kidnappers to justice.”

Production on the film will begin in London next Monday. With that, it would seem to help explain why Miz lost the Intercontinental Championship to Roman Reigns on Raw and Lynch was laid out by the debuting Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan on SmackDown this week.

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