WWE SmackDown ratings up one percent this week

With no competition from the NBA or NHL playoffs, SmackDown was up, very slightly, to 2.35 million viewers on Tuesday night.

The show was third for the night in total viewers on cable and was first in the 18-49 demo with a 0.77 rating.

This was actually the highest number for SmackDown since the April 25th episode, which did 2.493 million viewers. SmackDown also retained over 90 percent of the Raw audience from Monday night, which is only the second time that has happened this year.

Ratings have been down since last month’s roster shakeup, but this is a sign that they are starting to stabilize. The average SmackDown viewership has been 2.483 million since last July’s brand extension and 2.599 million for the 2017 calendar year.

The show was built around a five-way elimination match to determine a number one contender for Naomi’s Women’s title (which ended up not happening), as well as Randy Orton’s first appearance since losing his WWE title to current champion Jinder Mahal.

Here’s a look at SmackDown ratings in 2017 as compared to Raw numbers from the same week:

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