Batista on a WWE Return, Shield Update, English’s YouTube Channel

It has been a very long time since fans have seen Batista compete in a wrestling ring. “The Animal” has been involved in numerous acting projects and has not wrestled in WWE since 2014. He has said before that he would like to return for one final match against Triple H at a future WrestleMania show, and his desire to get back in the ring has not gone away. In a new interview on Good Morning Britain, Batista said that he is still very much open to the idea of wrestling again. The issue seems to be on WWE’s end as they have not been very responsive when it comes to contacting him back in order to make a year-long feud with Triple H a reality. Hopefully, Batista will get the sendoff he desires in WWE sooner rather than later.

Fans could not contain their excitement when The Shield reunited on Raw a few weeks ago. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns are teaming up once again and seem to be working hard to make sure that Roman Reigns keeps his Universal Championship before Braun Strowman challenges for it at Hell in a Cell. Why were The Shield brought back recently? According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the answer is quite simple: because of the trio’s popularity. WWE reportedly made the decision to keep the group together for the time being in order to have a hot act on Raw going forward and because of the group’s past history with boosting merchandise sales to incredibly new heights.

Several WWE Superstars have gotten in on the YouTube trend over the past few years. Zack Ryder’s old YouTube show is still talked about by wrestling fans, and the likes of Xaiver Woods and Sheamus have also been uploading their own videos online as well lately. A current member of the SmackDown roster has now officially launched his very own YouTube channel. None other than former NXT Tag Team Champion Aiden English has just started a new series called ‘Wrestling with Whiskey’. As the name of the show suggests, the wrestler will be going into detail about various types of whiskies and bourbons on each episode. The very first edition of the show has already been uploaded and can be watched right down below:

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