NXT Bartow, FL, live results: Patrick Clark's interesting new gimmick; Andrade vs. Dillinger

I’m here at Bartow, FL, for the show tonight with approximately 100 people.

– Josh Woods beat Patrick Clark

A lot of early matwork with both men working each other’s arm. Patrick took control after a ref break by sneaking a kick in. Woods finally took the advantage with various throws before rolling through to win with an armbar.

– The Authors Of Pain (Dhinsa and Selmani) beat Chris Atkins and Cezar Bononi

The big men Dhinsa and Selmani used their power and took their time picking apart Cezar early on. Atkins, who I believe was making his NXT in-ring debut, received the hot tag and ran wild. He looked impressive with big clotheslines and standing up to the much larger men. They were too much for him in the end as the Authors hit a double team move. One held Atkins up in the sidewalk slam position while the other hit a big running boot before Atkins was slammed to the mat.

– Chris Girard beat Noah

We get a handshake to start as Noah is always in search of friends. Noah worked the headlock early on before Chris ran wild, running from buckle to buckle across the ring laying in uppercuts to Noah before a running and swinging neckbreaker for the win.

– Adrienne Reese beat Mandy Rose

Mandy kept the pace slow early on with headlocks, working the arm, and escaping the ring to antagonize Adrienne. Finally, Reese was able to run wild before hitting the top rope jumping and spinning stunner for the win.

– Mikey Nicholls and Shane Veryzer beat Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe

The repackaged Fulton and Wolfe are now wearing Mad Max style gear with shoulder pads that they remove before wrestling. Good match. It had a quick pace as Mikey and Shane kept the big men moving. Heels used double teams and ref distraction to keep the advantage until the very end when the former TMDK used a double team spinebuster type maneuver for the win.

– Alex Reyes welcomes us back from intermission and before he can introduce the women’s match, Patrick Clark interrupts him. Patrick says he did not tap out earlier tonight, that the loss was all our fault, that he didn’t care about the following “Divas” match as the only place for a woman is in the kitchen. Carmella’s music interrupted him to the largest reaction of the night. She then put him in his place and said they’re no longer Divas, they are women, and they’re just as good as the men. She then said if he didn’t like it, he can go in the kitchen and make her a bologna sandwich.

– Carmella beat Peyton Royce

Peyton worked headlocks early on and kept the energetic Carmella grounded. Once the action picked up Peyton hit a fisherman suplex for a two count. Carmella then ran wild with her finishing sequence and got the submission win with the leg scissor headlock.

– Angelo Dawkins beat Dan Matha

Per usual, Dawkins was jaw jacking with no one in particular. Matha said, “You talk too much” before they began mixing it up. Big Matha was able to lay in a few huge kicks, knocking Dawkins loopy. Dan went for a powerbomb, but Dawkins slipped behind and hit what looked like a spear and stayed on Dan in a pinning combination for the win.

– Manny Andrade beat Tye Dillinger

Some excellent work here even though the crowd didn’t know how to react to two babyfaces. Impressive rope running and leap frogs, Manny teased the dive to the outside and stuck the middle rope for the Tranquilo pose to show Tye up. Tye got aggressive and Manny was able to fight him off with chops, Tye then locked in a sharpshooter which Manny has to break in the ropes. Dillinger exposed the knee and had Manny up on his shoulders, but Andrade reversed it into a roll through pin for the win. Post match, Dillinger raised Andrade’s arm in victory.

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