Ric Flair Launches Own Custom Made Suit Collection

Ric Flair has opened a business for people who want to style and profile just like him. Flair has recently launched his own line of custom suits.
The “Ric Flair” collection features fabrics and styles picked by the Nature Boy himself.
“I’ve always been custom made from head to toe,” Flair told TMZ. “Now anyone can have a chance to style and profile like me.”

the Ric Flair Collection
Flair turned 69-years-old recently but is showing no signs of slowing down. He was at a horse race yesterday to support a racing horse he was gifted for his birthday. Flair will also participate in an upcoming movie titled, “Uncle Steamroller and Champion Rabbit”. He had this to say regarding the upcoming film:
“I really like this wonderfully written script and find it to be very entertaining,” he said. “The edgy sense of humor is great, but the story also has a good heart.”

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