Justin Credible Will Seek Help, Wyatt & Hardy at 205 Live Events

Former ECW star Justin Credible was beloved by several fans during his stints in both ECW and WWE, but he has unfortunately fallen on hard times recently as evidenced by a recent video of Credible appearing to be heavily intoxicated at a Blitzkrieg Pro event. Credible attempted to enter the ring and grab a mic but was stopped by the roster and staff members at the event. The promoter of the show then scolded Credible in front of everybody in attendance. Credible stumbled around and relentlessly attempted to storm the ring before finally giving up and heading to the back, and the video showing all of this has worried quite a few fans.

I really apologize for the incident @Blitzkrieg_Pro I was out off line no excuses. I have been getting help. Just had a horrible night. Sorry to all the good guys and gals. Hey at least @Blitzkrieg_Pro got free press. Again I’m sorry
— Justin Credible (@PJPOLACO) December 17, 2017

Several wrestlers, fans, and those close to Credible have reached out to offer their support as he continues to battle addiction. In a recent update, the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion admitted that he “f*cked up” by attempting to hijack the event. Credible claims that he has been attending WWE-sponsored rehab and relapsed during the event. Credible now says that he will be receiving help from Diamond Dallas Page (who previously helped Scott Hall and Jake Roberts battle their addiction issues). Credible stated, “I talked to Dallas today, just a couple of minutes ago, and he told me to make a video and we’re gonna track every little thing.” He also added, “I’ve fallen and I’ve fallen hard and I’m picking myself back up.”

I fucked up last night I was not clean I relapsed time to pick up the ball and start all over again
— Justin Credible (@PJPOLACO) December 17, 2017

“Woken” Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt have managed to have a very entertaining feud so far, which is astounding when considering that the two haven’t even been in the ring together since the feud began. That is all about to change soon though as WWE confirmed on Twitter that Wyatt and Hardy will be appearing on the upcoming live events for 205 Live. This would mean that the two will be continuing their feud for a while since the live events don’t begin until January 19th. It was confirmed that they will be competing against each other on the events as well. “The Consumer of Terrestrial Entities” and the “Woken” superstar will finally do battle in January.

JUST ANNOUNCED: @MATTHARDYBRAND and @WWEBrayWyatt to battle on the @WWE205Live Cruiserweight Tour! Tickets are on sale now! https://t.co/yDngeSZAUw
— WWE (@WWE) December 18, 2017

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