Report: Charlotte Pitched Using Dead Brother’s Name In Promo

During the latest edition of The Agenda Podcast, former WWE creative team writer Tom Casiello said that it was Charlotte’s idea to use her dead brother’s (Reid) name during a promo with Paige back in 2013. The segment took place on the “go-home” show for the Survivor Series pay-per-view event. When Paige brought up Reid’s name in the promo, many WWE fans reacted in a negative way. As many of you know, Reid suffered from a drug addiction and passed away following an overdose.
Charlotte has publicly said several times that she pushed herself to make it to WWE since her brother wasn’t able to. The death of Reid hit both Charlotte and Ric Flair very hard.
Casiello claims the Reid reference during the promo was solely Charlotte’s idea, as she thought it would make the promo have more of an impact.

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