HUGE WWE Legend on his way to NYC? (PHOTO!) GFW Releases Tyrus

A possibly gigantic SPOILER ALERT is in order here as it could potentially lead to one of the biggest twists that could happen this weekend. As we all know by now, Wrestlemania this year was headlined by a match featuring Roman Reigns taking on The Undertaker. The match went back and fourth for a while before Reigns managed to defeat “The Deadman” clean in the middle of the ring. Undertaker then removed his coat, gloves and hat, and he left them in the ring before vanishing on the Wrestlemania ramp. It was widely-assumed that this was done by WWE to signify that The Undertaker had retired from the business… until now.
Me and Undertaker always seem to board the same flight whenever going to NYC, no bs

— Jesse Mr GQ Cantu (@Mr_GQ_Cantu) August 18, 2017
Courtesy of Twitter user @Mr_GQ_Cantu, The Undertaker was spotted on board an airplane. The plane was allegedly departing from Texas to head towards New York City, closely located near the site of this year’s SummerSlam show. Keep in mind that this could all be just a coincidence, and even the authenticity of the photo has not been verified as of yet. Despite appearing to have wrestled his last match at Wrestlemania this year, WWE announcers have never outright said that he was indeed retired from the ring. “The Phenom” has visited NYC for some of his recent surgeries, he could be in town to visit friends, or maybe he’ll get involved in the Universal Championship match in some way. We’ll update this story if anymore news about the photo gets out.

In other news, Tyrus (formerly Brodus Clay) put Global Force Wrestling on notice this week when he informed the company that he would not be attending their TV tapings that took place in Universal Studios Florida yesterday. Tyrus accused the company of treating him like a “second-class citizen”, and that he had been “handcuffed” due to the creative department. Following these actions, Tyrus informed his fans on Twitter earlier today that he has been granted his release from Global Force Wrestling. He had been working for the company since 2014, back when they were going by their TNA/Impact Wrestling moniker.
Thank you to @EdNordholm and @IMPACTWRESTLING for granting me my release. Wishing the roster and crew all success. #TyrusSmash #Nuffsaid

— Tyrus (@PlanetTyrus) August 19, 2017

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