TNA Impact Report 1/26/17

We see Bobby Lashley arriving at the arena for tonight’s big Ironman match, followed by Eddie Edwards with Davey Richards in tow.  Then we go to the arena where the BROKEN Hardys come out to the ring.  BROKEN Matt says they are still the greatest team in all of space and time, and Brother Nero has the first briefcase for next week’s Open Fight Night.  Brother Nero asks Matt if the Seven Deities have any insight, and…well, he says something about being on a picnic with Rebecca and King Maxel, and also about reverting to his Egyptian roots to reinvent tag team wrestling, but then the DCC comes to the ring to interrupt.  James Storm says he knows a thing or two about Revolutions, and since Decay couldn’t handle their alcohol, they might just use their briefcase to call out anyone they want next week…and now they want to show the Hardys why they’re the Death Crew Council.  Now Decay is on the way to the ring, and Crazzy Steve says why not kill two birds with one stone, let Hell rain down on the Impact Zone, and the only team to survive can call themselves champions?  The DCC is on board with that, and Matt says that if these peasants want to interrupt and challenge them, the battle must COMMENCE!  The Hardys clear both the DCC and Decay out as we go to commercial.
TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The BROKEN Hardys vs The DCC vs Decay
Matt is caught in the DCC corner when we come back from commercial, but gets away and Crazzy Steve blind tags his way in and goes after Bram like a madman.  He quickly winds up in peril as the DCC tags in and out on him, but then he gets away and tags in Abyss, who has MUCH better luck against the DCC, clearing them both out by himself.  Brother Nero blind tags in and goes to work on Abyss, hitting most of his usual.  Matt and Eddie Kingston tag in, Matt hits a Side Effect, Steve breaks the cover at 2.  Matt with the bulldog/clothesline combo on both of them, Bram comes in and blindsides Matt, then lays Abyss out with a leg lariat.  Matt dumps Bram over the top rope, Kingston hits Matt with an STO for 2.  Steve spews mist in Kingston’s face, Matt hits Kingston with the Twist of Fate, and covers for the win.

Winners: The BROKEN Hardys
Good opener!  We then go backstage to Drew Galloway, who says everyone’s wondering what the next step for him is, and he says the Grand Championship is being defended TONIGHT!
Braxton Sutter is being forced to take Lerna Von Guess out to dinner, and she forces him to take a selfie together, then orders wine as they head to their table.
Drew Galloway comes out to the ring with the Grand Championship in tow, and he says he’s back, and he wears the hoodie for a reason: to tune out the nonsense.  Whatever he does is for the greater good of Impact Wrestling, the last guy he beat here was Eddie Edwards, the World Champion, and now he’s going to make the Grand Championship mean more than any title.  He is the personification of professional wrestling, he’s our Chosen One, and next week might be Open Fight Night, but tonight is Drew Galloway’s Open Fight Night, and he asks who wants a shot?  Oh look, it’s Moose!  He says he’s going to walk down the ramp, walk up the steps, pump his fist, get everyone here chanting his name, get into the ring, beat the hell out of Drew, and get his Grand Championship back!

Grand Championship Match: Drew Galloway vs Moose
They trade blows, Moose gets the advantage, then Drew boots him in the face and takes over.  Drew unloads with chops, but Moose runs him over with a big shoulderblock.  Bicycle kick from Moose, Moose powerbombs Drew, hits a senton, then moonsaults out of the corner for 2.  They go out to the floor where Moose pops Drew over with a snap suplex on the floor, then powerbombs Drew onto the ring apron.  Yeowch!  Clock runs down, and we go to the judges: the score the round unanimously for Moose.
Bell rings to start the second round and Moose bowls Drew into the corner, Drew tries going to the second rope, and Moose launches Drew onto the mat with a Sky High for 2.  Moose hits the Game Changer, and…collapses to the mat.  We see on a replay that Drew kicked Moose low as he fell to the mat, and the ref briefly stops the match to check on Moose.  I think they docked Drew a point for that one, and Moose connects with a Claymore and goes for the cover, but Moose is out at 2.  Moose shoves Drew off and he crashes into the referee, and Drew kicks Moose low again while the referee is recovering, then hits the Future Shock DDT for the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway
Good match, and great finish.
We go back to dinner with Braxton Sutter and Lily Van Ace, who talks about how stupid Allie is and says she forgives Braxton for taking her side because she knows it’ll never happen again.  Braxton drinks right out of the bottle of wine while she talks and talks and talks.
Monster’s Ball For TNA Knockouts Title: Rosemary vs Jade
Jade goes right after Rosemary during her entrance, and they fight on the ramp, with Rosemary wiping Jade out with a big clothesline.  Rosemary tosses Jade into the ring and tosses a trash can full of weapons into the ring, then works Jade over with a trash can lid.  Rosemary gets a kendo stick and hammers Jade with it, then covers for another 2.  Rosemary dumps a bag full of thumbtacks out, tries for a suplex, but Jade gets free and dropkicks Rosemary across the ring, then crushes her with a running cannonball.  Jade uses her belt to whip Rosemary, then bashes her with the kendo stick.  Jade turns her back for a moment, and that’s enough for Rosemary to throw the trash can in her face, then sets the can up in front of Jade’s face and goes to the top rope.  Jade throws the trash can in Rosemary’s face and German suplexes her onto the tacks!  ARGH!  Jade covers, but only gets 2.  Rosemary goes for a mist spew, Jade blocks it with the trash can lid, then hits Rosemary with the lid and covers for 2.  Jade gets a table, Rosemary nails her, Rosemary brings a barbed wire board into the ring, Jade gives Rosemary an STO onto the board, and Jade covers…for 2!  Geez, what’s it going to take?  Rosemary is literally plucking the barbs off of her to get away, but Jade puts the board on to of Rosemary, and hits a Lionsault onto the board!  This is just nuts.  Jade sets her table up, puts Rosemary on top of it, goes to the top, but Rosemary is up and nails her.  Rosemary superplexes Jade through the table and covers for the win.
Winner: Rosemary
Wow, just wow.  That was insane.  Big props to both ladies, this was just unbelievable.  Gail Kim comes out to check on Jade as Rosemary celebrates with the title, and Rosemary sees her and slithers back in to mist Gail in the face.
Back to Braxton and Lydia’s date, and she thinks they should go back to one of their places after this (preferably her’s since it’s nicer), but Braxton says it’s been nice, but he wants the check.  While he’s up, Lisa calls Maria and gushes over what a great date it’s been and how she always gets whatever she wants, and (for right now anyway), that’s Braxton Sutter.
We see a video package of Caleb Konley, who says he was conceived on one of the nights of the Great American Bash tour in ’85, and this has been all he’s ever known.  It’s been a long road, there have been lots of sacrifices, and he’s going to make history tonight when he wins the X Division Title.
X Division Title Match: DJ Z vs Andrew Everett vs Trevor Lee vs Caleb Konley vs Marshe Rockett
They do spotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotsptspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspotspot and then DJ Z hits Everett with a leaping DDT for the win.
Winner: DJ Z
Same match, same guys, different week.  Trevor Lee jumps DJ Z from behind after the match, Helms tosses a couple of chairs into the ring, and he and Lee use it to destroy DJ Z’s ankle.
Davey Ricahrds is backstage giving Eddie a pep talk and says THEY’RE going to go out and do it tonight, and THEY’RE going to do the Wolves Nation proud, but Eddie cuts him off and says he needs to do this by himself and prove to Lashley that he can do it without any BS.  Davey looks sad and says he understands and Eddie’s the champ, then tells him to go do it.  Eddie leaves, and Davey looks resentful.
The BROKEN Hardys are backstage and Vanguard-1 shows him a series of potential ideas for who Brother Nero can challenge next week, but then BROKEN Matt has a PREMONITION…he has seen who Brother Nero will challenge next week… but the segment ends before we find out.
In the meantime, it’s…MAIN EVENT TIME!
30 Minute Ironman Match for TNA World Title: Eddie Edwards vs Bobby Lashley
Eddie uses his speed to try and duck around Lashley, but Lashley connects with a big clothesline, then pops Eddie up in a delayed vertical suplex.  Lashley sets for the spear, Eddie makes his way to his feet, he dodges the spear, but Eddie hits a leaping enziguiri that sends Lashley to the floor.  Eddie hits a dive through the ropes, then unloads the chops against the guardrail.  Eddie rams Lashley’s face into the ring steps a couple of times, then they go back into the ring where Eddie charges right into a side suplex.  Lashley covers for 2 as we go to commercial.
We’re back with about 21 minutes left, no falls yet, and Eddie escapes a powerslam attempt, but runs right into a spear.  Lashley covers Eddie to score the first fall.
Lashley: 1, Edwards: 0
We’ve got twenty minutes left as Lashley hits a hanging neckbreaker for 2, then hits the chinlock.  Eddie gets out and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb out of nowhere, then hits a second rope lungblower for 2 and then rolls Lashley right into the Achilles Lock.  Lashley manages to drag himself to the ropes and force a break, Eddie charges, but Lashley catches him and hits an overheard T-bone suplex TO THE FLOOR.  Now THAT was a crazy spot!  Eddie seems to have banged his knee up, but Lashley is going for the kill as he drags Eddie up the ramp, shoves his gum in Eddie’s face, and POWERBOMBS HIM ON THE RAMP.  Lashley heads back to the ring and the referee counts Eddie out.
Lashley: 2, Edwards: 0
Lashley goes out after Eddie as we hit the halfway mark, only 15 minutes remain as Lashley dishes out some more punishment, then waits for Eddie to crawl onto the apron so he can drill him with a charging forearm and knock him right back down.  Eddie’s still down on the floor as we go to commercial.
We’re back, and Eddie hits a series of jawbreakers on Lashley, then gets German suplexed out of his shoes.  Lashley sets for another spear, Eddie moves and sends Lashley into a turnbuckle that Lashley exposed earlier (I forgot to mention it, sorry), then rolls him up for 3.
Lashley: 2, Edwards: 1
The next fall starts and Eddie unloads with chops and a leaping enziguiri, but runs into a pop-up powerslam.  Eddie rolls back out to the floor and Lashley doesn’t let up the pressure for a moment, going out after Eddie and going for a German suplex on the ramp, but Eddie lands on his feet and knocks Lashley out with the Boston Knee Party.  Eddie crawls back to the ring and Lashley…JUST beats the count.  Lashley immediately hot shots Eddie on the top rope, pops him up for a vertical suplex, Eddie comes out the back, and hits another Boston Knee Party to tie it up.
Lashley: 2, Edwards: 2
Five minutes remain as Eddie ducks a spear and Lashley sails out to the floor.  Eddie wipes Lashley out with a dive through the ropes, then sends the big man back inside.  Eddie goes to the top, Lashley nails him and goes for a superplex, Eddie knocks him off and leaps, Lashley dodges, then picks Eddie up and rams him into the corner before connecting with another spear.  Lashley covers, but Eddie is out at 2.  Lashley goes for a Dominator, Eddie slips out the back, and he hits the Boston Knee Party a third time!  Eddie covers, but Lashley is out at 2.  Eddie goes for a top rope Frankensteiner, Lashley catches and powerbombs Eddie, then goes to the Anaconda Vice and Eddie taps.
Lashley: 3, Edwards: 2
We’ve got less than three minutes left, and it’s really time for Lashley to put it in the deep freeze.  In fact, he does just that and bails out to the floor to take a walk.  He walks past the broadcast booth, and Pope gets up and tells him that he wanted this match, and to go in that ring and win it.  Lashley laughs him off, but turns around and eats a dive from Eddie.  Back in the ring where Eddie goes for the Boston Knee Party, but Lashley catches him and drills him into the mat with a spinebuster.  Lashley is confident with just about a minute left, he goes for a spear and connects, but Eddie catches him in a front guillotine choke.  Lashley’s trying to hang on and tries to roll Eddie to his back, but can’t quite do it.  The ref checks the arm, but runs out of time and Eddie can’t get that last fall.
Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Bobby Lashley
Lashley is now a four-time TNA World Champion, and he did it totally by the book.  Eddie can’t believe he lost, but Lashley once again has the gold.
Source: PWInsider

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