UK Tournament Participants Told To Tone Down Their Matches?

The WWE United Kingdom Tournament was thought to have been a great success for both WWE and the British Independent Scene, but many wrestlers involved in the tournament itself are obviously not going to be used by WWE in the future. 
Tyler Bate became the youngest WWE Champion since Rene Dupree when he lifted the Championship on Sunday night, but it is thought that despite the fact that the matches between most of the men in the competition were hard-hitting and impressive, they were actually told to tone their matches down to put certain guys over. 
According to a report by, many stars were told to tone down their styles as well. 

“We have been told by people within the business that have seen these guys wrestle previously, and they were visibly not performing to their regular standard. What was seen on Saturday’s show was basically at “toned down” version of how these performers really work. A lot of this contributed to the show being shorter and the matches were put together to get certain people over.”
It will be interesting to see if WWE integrates many stars in their WWE TV shows, when it is thought that many of the 16 competitors will not make the cut. 

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