Have WrestleMania Plans For Roman Reigns Changed?

It has been rumoured for many weeks now that Roman Reigns could be set to face Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 33 in April next year, but now it seems that these plans could be set to change.
According to recent reports, these plans were never actually set in stone and they could come down to how much of a reception Roman Reigns is given when he is part of The Royal Rumble next month. 
It could also come down to how well WWE can put Braun as the next big dominant star in WWE, there is a belief that things could well change between now and The Rumble so it would definitely be worth watching. 

It is also thought that if Roman doesn’t leave The Royal Rumble with the Universal Championship, following his match with Kevin Owens, then that could be a strong indication that WWE has changed their plans for both superstars moving forward, and Roman could well be facing someone else at WWE’s Showcase Of The Immortals. 
Roman has still been receiving mixed reactions from the WWE Universe nd it seems that WWE has noticed this and it could actually have an impact his career moving forward. 

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