Colt Cabana Talks Being Fired From ROH By Cornette, His Return

Tomorrow The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling features a podcast crossover of epic proportions as we are joined by The Art of Wrestling’s Colt Cabana. Promoting his third installment of the “Wrestling Road Diaries” Colt joins John Poz and Chad to talk about the value of comedy in wrestling as well as discuss both his original run in Ring of Honor, his return to the promotion and current tenure working with Dalton Castle. The full episode will be available on Podomatic, iTunes, YouTube, Player FM and our website

Being fired from Ring of Honor by Jim Cornette in 2010 and returning to the company:

“I was basically fired from Ring of Honor by Jim Cornette and obviously I’m not happy with Jim Cornette for that decision he made because no one likes or agrees or is happy when they are fired from a place. In my heart Jim Cornette is not like my favorite person but also if I was in that position and I didn’t like somebody than that is what you do, you get rid of them. Sinclair Broadcasting took over the company and I think that is where I was a little sad that they hadn’t realized that I was with the company since 2002/2003 when it started, I wrestled in the Murphy Rec Center and I was a real big part of that history so there was a little chip on my shoulder. When they got rid of Jim Cornette or when he left they did ask me to come back and it didn’t feel right to me and I still had that chip on my shoulder. They had asked me throughout the years and it had been about five years, so I said to myself I think I should let this go, I should bring a bit of positivity into my life when it comes to this and there is no reason to hold this over anybody’s head. Those days are done and lets move forward.”

“It’s really cool to see that there is still a place for the guys who kind of helped build it and that they want them to be in the company and I’ve actually kind of become really good friends with Joe Koff (who has kind of taken over) and Gary Juster and it’s been a real positive experience for me so far and I’m really enjoying it.”

Seeing similarities with Dalton Castle’s role in ROH and his in the early days of the promotion:

“There was a time when I was in my 20s and I was a little jovial and a little more carefree. I see a lot because I got over in Ring of Honor when everybody was very serious and I was the only one kind of being a bit of a goofball and that made me standout from the pack and I think that is the same thing going on with Dalton right now too. I’m going to these shows and I’m seeing the autograph lines and I’m seeing the cheers and the pops and this guy is f*cking over and it is wild. I think it will come out and come through as a good story that we are going to tell out there but he’s definitely a star in that promotion.”

Will Colt look to take on a more serious role with his persona to balance the comedic side of Castle:

“It is kind of like in the movie (Wrestling Road Diaries 3) I talk about the role of the straight man and I assume that is kind of going to be my role and I’m going to be the straight man maybe to his silliness or vice versa because you never know. I was kind of playing with the heel character a little bit in Texas and it almost seemed like a throwback to the old days for me and is something I haven’t done in so long and it was different and just fun.”

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