Superfan Eva gets a special delivery from Lando Norris!

Lando Norris superfan Eva Muttram had a special delivery at her home on Thursday, a precious item sent by her favourite F1 driver.

In early January, Norris announced a competition in which he encouraged fans to design his helmet for his home British Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver spent hours sifting through the many sophisticated and flashy motifs and schemes, but ultimately selected perhaps the most minimal design, one that went straight to the young racer’s heart.

Norris set his sights on Eva’s creative efforts, a colorful and fun livery concocted by the six-year-old fan.

Today, the special British GP helmet sits proudly on the Briton’s shelve at his home among a collection of lids worn by the F1 driver throughout his motorsport career.

Norris posted a special message for Eva on social media in which he praised once again her creative work before instructing her to open a parcel from ‘Bell Helmets’ containing, you guessed it, a second prized ‘Eva’ helmet! One that she will likely cherish forever.

Check out the ‘special delivery for Eva’ video posted on Twitter by Norris.

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