Hacked: Clinton's Musings on Sanders Fans, Nuclear Arms, Occupying Center-Right

In response to the hacks, Clinton campaign spokesperson Glen Caplin said:

Hacked audio of a private Hillary Clinton campaign event made public this week exposed the Democratic nominee’s feelings about her place on the political spectrum, her plans for President Obama’s controversial nuclear upgrade program, and her take on Bernie Sanders supporters.

First published by the conservative Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday and widely reported on Friday, the recording was taken in February during private fundraiser in McLean, Virginia and apparently obtained via hacked emails.

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You can listen to the full comments below:

Identifying herself as “center-left to the center-right,” Clinton expressed “bewilderment” over the political divisions and alienation clearly expressed by voters this election cycle.

The comments were made just a few weeks after Clinton declared herself a “progressive who gets things done” after nabbing a razor-thin victory in the Iowa caucuses.

Later, in the recording, the candidate specifically spoke about the young voters, “children of the Great Recession,” who were gravitating en-mass to her then-opponent Sanders and his plans for “free college [and] free healthcare.”

Not only do the comments highlight Clinton’s focus on, as The Intercept reporters Lee Fan and Alex Emmons put it, “the art of the possible,” they also reveal how far the nominee has been pushed to the left since that time. Clinton enlisted the help of Sanders to craft a plan for debt-free college and recently penned an op-ed voicing strong support for a healthcare public option.

According to The Intercept, the event was “hosted by Beatrice Welters, the former U.S. ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, and her husband Anthony Welters, the executive chairman of an investment consulting firm founded by former Clinton aide Cheryl Mills.”

Later in the recording, the former Secretary of State was asked about her support for President Barack Obama’s controversial plan to upgrade the Long Range Standoff (LRSO) missile program.

“Will you cancel this program if President Obama doesn’t in the next 11 months and lead the world in a ban on this particularly destabilizing, dangerous type of nuclear weapon?” she was asked. Breaking with the president, Clinton responded that she would be “inclined” to do so. “The last thing we need are sophisticated cruise missiles that are nuclear armed.”

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