Gap supports Black History Month with T-shirt collaboration

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Gap is following up its commitments to standing united with the Black Lives Matter movement in June by supporting Black History Month with a collection of collaborative T-shirts.

The collection features four Black artists from the UK, France, and the USA, including Melissa Hurst from London, Lo Williams from Birmingham, Mario Hounkanrin from Paris, and Stephennie Factor from the US.

The four-piece collection includes unisex T-shirts that showcase what Black history means to them from their life experiences, including the ‘Black Is My Happy Colour’ slogan T-shirt designed by Lo Williams and the ‘Golden Afro’ designed by Mario Hounkanrin.

The other designs celebrating the spirit of activism, includes ‘Know About Our Past, Shape Your Future and Unite Together as One’ T-shirt by Melissa Hurst, the ‘Stand United’ T-shirt by Stephennie Factor.

In addition to the collection, Gap UK is also donating 10,000 pounds to the CNBA Foundation which creates opportunities in media and arts for 13 to 27 year-olds in the BAME community through rehabilitation, mentorships, education and scholarship opportunities.

Gap customers will also be able to support The Reach Out Project, a charity helping to combat the lack of social, cultural and enriching opportunities afforded to young people living in inner-city London, through till point donations throughout October.

The Gap Collective Black History Month T-shirts are priced 18.95 each.

Images: courtesy of Gap

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