Nader Gathering Explores Potential of Left/Right Alliance

Longtime progressive activist and consumer advocate Ralph Nader hosted a ‘Left/Right’ convergence in Washington, DC on Tuesday aimed at showcasing the ways in which those on opposite sides of numerous policy debates actually have much in common when it comes to key issues like “corporate-government autocracy,” “crony capitalism,” and others ignored by the elite “corporate center” of U.S. politics.

Following Nader’s latest book, , Tuesday’s one-day conference will explore key areas where the progressive left and conservative right find agreement, including:

The purpose, according to event organizers, “is to convene unlikely allies to tackle the bold ideas” presented at the gathering and “turn them operational.”

A panelist for one of the event’s sessions, anti-war and human rights activist Medea Benjamin offered snapshots from the conference via her Twitter account:

And just how unlikely was the scene? This tweet from the Institute for Public Accuracy’s Sam Husseini shows Nader on the stage with arch right-winger, “drown-the-government-in-the-bathtub” Grover Norquist:


For a sense of the agenda, here is the complete list of the day’s panels and the individuals representing perspectives from the right and left of each issue:


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