Shane "Hurricane" Helms Says He Feels He Could Boost The 205 Live Brand

Former WWE Superstar Shane “Hurricane” Helms recently spoke with the folks at CBS DC for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

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On making his ROH debut recently at age 43: “I’ve always had an interest in Ring of Honor. I’ve always been a fan of the product. Ring of Honor style was pretty much what I was doing as Sugar Shane and even before Sugar Shane in Omega, and my Kid Vicious days, that really hybrid style. Not necessarily just one traditional style, but the combination of American, Lucha, Japanese, European. So I always had a great deal of respect for it, but the timing just never worked out before. I had contracts with other companies that would be issues. But this time… everything lined up, and so here we are.

“I’ll definitely be at the taping of Saturday, I know that. I’m not sure about Best In The World. We haven’t agreed to anything longterm. Kinda wanted to see how it goes. And it went really well in Texas. Had a lotta fun in the shows, obviously. If you’ve seen anything with the scenes, that Being The Elite stuff… fans have taken to my appearance in that pretty well. Everything went really well, so I think it’s gonna progress nicely.”

On his Royal Rumble surprise appearance and his feeling that he could add a boost to the 205 Live brand: “It would depend on the schedule for sure. If they could work with that, then I’m sure there’s stuff that we could talk about. Obviously, their 205 needs a boost. I could boost that for sure, but I could boost the main roster as well. I’ve got full confidence in what I bring to the table. But it’s not like WWE needs anybody… I’m also very happy where I am right now. So if something happens with them… awesome. If it doesn’t, then that final appearance at the Rumble was so d**n hot, the crowd popped so loud for me. If that was my last time there, then I’m actually super okay with that too.”

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