Off Camera Notes From Raw: Ric Flair & Miz @ Manhattan Center, Triple H, more

— The Miz made his way from the Barclays Center to the Manhattan Center, sometime soon after the APA poker segment. He did a promo saying that his aim is to make the Intercontinental title relevant again and said he would win the Royal Rumble and go on to headline WrestleMania as the IC champ.

— After D-X closed out Raw at the Manhattan Center, Ric Flair made his way out and cut a brief promo. He talked about how he was in WWE for the first three Raw shows before heading to WCW, which he called a mistake. He then said he is lucky to be here with all his wrestling friends and feels that all that matters is to be with those who love and respect you.

— Following that, The Miz came back out and cut a promo on the Balor Club and D-X, calling himself the only champion in the building and saying the rest of them were all former champs. This prompted Seth Rollins to come out, the two went at it a bit on the mic before Rollins laid him out with the Blackout and everyone started chanting “suck it.”

— Finally, Triple H came out and thanked the fans for 25 years and for coming back to where Raw originated.

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