Billy Corgan Wants To Buy Out The Other TNA Shareholders

With Dixie Carter now reportedly out of the picture, new TNA president and shareholder Billy Corgan says he wants to buy the company outright. Corgan says he wants to run the entire company from top to bottom and improve the culture of the company.

Corgan went on Facebook on Thursday to promote the Delete or Decay segment, and credited the Hardy brothers and Jeremy Borash for their work on the sequel to The Final Deletion.

During the Facebook live stream, Corgan explained that things behind-the-scenes in the company have been very complicated, and he hopes to make the company run smoother and be more successful. Corgan confirmed that he’s currently in charge of the creative team, which consists of Dave Lagana, John Gaburick and Matt Conway.

TNA’s shareholders are currently believed to consist of Corgan, Dixie Carter, and Aroluxe Productions.

You can watch Corgan’s entire Facebook video here.

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