WWE '205 Live' Review (3/7/17) – Austin Aries vs Tony Nese

Alright 205 Live fans! You wanted the best, you got the best! Its Drews Reviews! We have a lot of fun stuff to get to this week, but before we do that it’s the Raw Rebound. Wait? Is that traffic ahead? Looks like we need to take a detour into the “Fastlane”.

WWE Fastlane

Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann vs The Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fooooxxxx

Earlier in the preshow, a backstage segment aired where Kendrick and Dar talked about their match later. Kendrick said he hopes Dar doesn’t treat him the same way as Tozawa, and hopes that he and Dar can work well together. Kendrick also mentioned more “lessons” for Tozawa later tonight. Dar said Kendrick has nothing to worry about, and that he, Kendrick, and Fox can all celebrate together after the match, because he will do anything to win for Alicia Fox. Kendrick said he doesn’t do crazy, and the segment ended with Fox going…Crazy. Before the match started, the announcers talked about the attacks by Kendrick on Raw in recent weeks, as video footage of said attacks showed. Kendrick and Tozawa started off the match, but Kendrick quickly tagged out. Dar came in and the two tied up. Tozawa scared dar into the ropes, but then Kendrick came in, and the two attempted a double team. Swann ran in, and broke it up, then both strated to dive to the outside, but Alicia fox stood in the way to block the attempts. That sent us to a commercial break. Back from commercial, Kendrick went for a quick pin attempt, but Tozawa kicked out. The announcers noted Kendrick had been working Tozawa over throughout the commercial break. Tozawa started to fire up but caught a kick to the face. He took down Kendrick and tagged in Swann, who came in full speed ahead. He hit a splash on Dar for a nearfall, and Kendrick tried to take out Swann but failed. Dar came from behind, and knocked Swann out to the floor, and then Kendrick and Dar drove him face first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Dar started to punish Swann, and went for another cover, and a nearfall. Dar started to pose in the ring, and tagged in Kendrick. Kendrick put his boot in the face of Swann, before Swann started trying to fight back. Kendrick delivered a snap suplex back into his corner, and tagged in Dar. Dar hit a double under hook suplex on Swann, then applied a submission hold, and some forearms. Swann caught him with a kick out of nowhere and tagged in Tozawa. Tozawa hit a senton for a close call. Tozawa fired up, and tried to snap suplex Kendrick. Kendrick blocked, and tagged in Dar, who then got sent to the outside. Swann then sent Kendrick to the outside, and Swann, along with Tozawa, dove onto the heels on the outside. Tozawa hit a shining wizard followed who then caught a soccer kick to the shin from Dar, then a kick to the back of Dars head by Swann. Swann went up top, but missed Dar. Dar tried to cover him, but caught a kick, along with another to Kendrick, followed by a snap suplex by Tozawa on Kendrick. Swann would then hit Dar with his Phoenix Splash finisher for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: Hey that was a fun way to start get the nights events started! The match had two separate rivalries within it, but it seemed like Noam Dar and Rich Swann were the two guys who had the most to do with things. Kendrick mostly tried to avoid Tozawa, unless Tozawa had his back turned, but Tozawa did get a few shots in on Kendrick. Very fun match, and a great showing for all four guys involved.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Neville vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher

Before the match, a replay from 205 Live aired from last week when Neville addressed Fastlane, and then caught an extraordinary beat down from Jack Gallagher heading into the match tonight. Neville laughed at the pre-match handshake, and the bell rang. Neville bullied Gallagher a bit to start things, and then Gallagher put on a display of his unorthodox offense. Neville would try to gain control by whipping Gallagher into the corner, but Gallagher did his signature top rope headstand. Gallagher came back down, and Neville tried to whip Gallagher into the corner yet again, and Gallagher once again did the headstand. This frustrated Neville, and Neville went to work on Gallagher. Gallagher drop kicked Neville, and sent him out of the ring. Neville grabbed Gallagher, and brought him outside, then drove him into the ringside barricade. Neville put Gallagher back in the ring, and went to the top rope, before delivering a missile dropkick for a near fall. Neville would stay in control from there, slowing down the match. Neville started stomping on Gallagher in the corner, then held him down some with his foot. Neville gained another near fall, and continued to control the pace. Neville strutted around the ring, and looked proud of himself, before locking in a submission hold. Gallagher started to fight out with some forearms, and two drop kicks that sent Neville to the outside. Gallagher then dove outside of the ring with the wounded duck plancha(says Austin Aries) onto Neville. The two came back into the ring, and both went to the top rope, where Gallagher hit Neville with a belly to back superplex for a very close near fall. Neville would make his way up, and catch Gallagher up in the ropes, before spiking him into the mat. Neville continued to mock Gallagher, and went for the snap suplex, but got caught for a roll up attempt. The two got back up, and Neville dropped Gallagher straight on his head with a throw. Neville then hit a middle rope phoenix splash for the 1-2-NO!! Gallagher tried once again to fight back, as Neville continued to knock him down, and mock him. Gallagher side stepped a baseball slide, and delivered two headbutts, before falling onto Neville for the 1-2-NO!! Gallagher went for the running kick in the corner, and then got driven out to the apron. The fans chanted this is awesome, as the two went to the top rope. Neville ended up half asleep on the ropes after an exchange that saw Gallagher hit a third head butt on Neville who was still on the ropes. Neville snapped back into reality when Gallagher started to climb the ropes again, and knocked Gallagher off of the top turnbuckle, then followed that up by hitting the Red Arrow onto Gallagher for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: See what happens when you stay, and watch the Cruiserweights perform instead of going to the bathroom? You guys chant this is awesome! This might have been the best match of the night, though it may have just felt that way since most people didn’t really have any expectations. The match certainly received high praise on twitter, and its going to receive more from me. Great stuff from Gallagher when he head butted Neville twice, and then fell perfectly onto Neville for that big near fall! I thought the match would end 2 or 3 times before it actually did, and that is what made this match so fun to watch. Great work by both champion and challenger.

Ok guys, we’re back on track here at Drews Reviews, now its time for the Raw Rebound!

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Neville vs Rich Swann

This match is taking place because of a backstage bit on twitter or something. No pre match handshake. Swann comes out full speed and starts to go to work on Neville. Neville fought him off just as quickly, but Swann ran the ropes, and finished with a big dropkick that sent Neville to the outside. Swann then drove Neville into the barricade. The two battled on the outside, then Neville ran Swann into the LED board on the side of the ring. The match went to commercial from there. A long commercial… Back from the break Neville is in con trol of Swann with a headlock. The two made their wayto the apron, and it ended with Neville being caught up on the top rope and falling to ringside. Swann went up top, and did a Swann Dive onto Neville. Back in the ring, Swann started to go to work, and took Neville down with a michinoku driver for a close near fall. Swann went to the top, but Neville stopped him, and joined him up top. Neville then set up Swann, and hit a huge superplex on Swann, but Swann rolled to the ringside area. Neville went out and got Swann, then drove him into the barricade. The match then went to commercial break. Back from break, Neville is still in control, but Swann starts to fight back. They exchange some blows, and Neville went for a suplex but Swann flipped out and suplexed Neville, then drilled him with a kick for a near fall. Swann went to the top rope, but had to jump over Neville. Swann then caught Neville with another huge kick, and Neville fell into place for the phoenix splash. Rich Swann climbed to the top rope, but crashed and burned on the mat, then Neville pinned Swann. Swann kicked out, but Neville then applied the rings of Saturn, and Swann tapped out.

Analysis: There were two really long commercial breaks during the match, but the things that were on tv were brutal, and awesome! From high flying top rope moves, and powerful kicks to using nearly every inch of the ring and ringside area, this match had it all. Swann looked strong, Neville looked strong, the whole thing was, well… Strong!

After the match, Austin Aries interviewed Neville. He asked how it feels to be on top of the mountain. A loud Austin Aries chant broke out. Neville said he did what he said he would do, and look at him now. He said he has beaten everyone that he has faced on 205 live, and “no one on 205 live holds a candle to the king of cruiserweights”. Aries questioned Neville, asking the champ sarcastically, “nobody on your level of competition?” Another Austin Aries chant broke out. The two faced off, and the crowd started to yes chant. Neville said Aries must be delusional to think he is on his level. Neville told Aries to go back to the announcers desk, because this is his ring, and “I suggest you get out before I rebreak your orbital socket. Aries then removed his glasses, and Neville asked him what hes going to do. Aries said he is just trying to do his job and he has one more question. He then said its more of a statement, then knocked down Neville, and then knocked him out of the ring. Neville went up the ramp, and Austin Aries music played to end the segment.

Analysis: And there you have it! “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” Austin Aries vs Neville at Wrestlemania 33 is pretty much a done deal. The WWE Universe was really hot for all of the cruiserweight action, but once everyone realized we were headed towards what I mentioned in the first sentence, the crowd got white hot, and popped huge when Aries dropped Neville. Man that was awesome! Who thinks Aries will win that match, and become Cruiserweight champion? I know I do.

Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

The two shook hands before the match and the bell rang. Daivari quickly went to work in the corner on Tozawa, and stayed in control, gaining a near fall. Daivari continued to go to work on Tozawa who was down, but Tozawa started to fight back up. They both started exchanging blows, but then Tozawa faked out Daivari, and hit a senton for a near fall. Tozawa started to hype the crowd, then hit a suicide dive on Daivari, who had rolled to the outside of the ring. Tozawa rolled Daivari back into the ring, and went to the top rope. After a quick exchange, Tozawa hit a snap suplex on Davari for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Tozawa got on the mic and told The Brian Kendrick to come out to the ring and “fight him face to face”. Kendrick came out to the ramp, and said he cant make any promises on fighting, but he will have an answer on 205 live. He finished by saying “lesson” 5 is be careful what you wish for.

Analysis: Oh, there is the usual Cruiserweight booking we have come to know. After the fun matches within the division this week that lead up to this match, this one… wasn’t very good. That is not the fault of the two guys in the ring though, as both are very talented! This was just a case of having less than three minutes to work with, and that is unfortunate.

And now that we’re all the way caught up, here is this weeks episode of 205 Live!

205 Live opened with a video package from this past Mondays Raw, when Austin Aries made a “statement” to Neville. The usual pyro went off to open the show, and Corey Graves and Mauro Ronallo welcomed us to the show, minus Austin Aries. They talked about an upcoming match between Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher vs Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar. Austin Aries then walked out to the ring for in ring segment.

Aries said tonight he has his best interview to date, Austin Aries. He asked himself what made him punch Neville in the face. He thanked himself, and said he like his journalism. He said he punched Neville because he could. He said while he was on commentary, he learned a lesson that when you want to make statement, you punch a guy in the face. He said Neville was that guy until he got here. He then asked himself what is in the future for Austin Aries. He said the “in ring expert” is officially on 205 Live. Neville then came out to the ramp, and said he thought last night was crazy, but Aries has gone off the deep end. He said you hide behind the announcers table, and now you are on my level? Aries said he doesn’t think he is on Nevilles level, because he is on the AA level. Neville said Aries isn’t close, and that he should reconsider his decision. Aries said he doesn’t need to be commentator to make jokes about Neville, and so he made a joke. Neville said Aries hasn’t earned the right to share the ring with him. He asked Aries if he is aware of the people in the back who are mad at him for trying to jump the line after all of the hard work they’ve done. Aries said to everyone in the locker room if anyone has a problem with his comeback tour, he is more than happy to meet them in the ring. Aries music played, and the segment ended from there.

Analysis: This segment wasnt the straight fire that the segment on Monday, but that does not mean this wasn’t worth the wait to get us to this point. The rivalry between Aries and Neville is no longer a rumor, it is here, and now. Hopefully the match takes place at Wrestlemania.

Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher were shown backstage, as Swann was teaching Gallagher how to dance, or something like that at least, when suddenly Noam Dar walked in. He asked them about the flowers Alicia Fox received during Noam Dars match last week. Swann asked why he is curious if he is the one that bought them. Dar said he just had to be sure, and one day if Swann and Gallagher are lucky, they’ll have a woman like Alicia Foooxxxx.

Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari vs Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann

Dar made his way to the ring with Alicia Fox by his side. Gallagher came out with his trustee umbrella. Swann and Daivari started off the match with a waist lock by Daivari, and a tale down. Swann fired up with a flyiong head scissors, followed by a drop kick, and then went after Dar. Dar then hit Davari with a few kicks while he was on the top rope. Daivari would fight out, and tag in Dar. Dar came in and worked on Swann and quickly tagged in Daivari again. Daivari would score get a near fall on Swasnn, the tagged in Dar. Dar continued to work on Swann, and blow a kiss to Fox. Dar went for a pin, then tagged in Daviari. Swann tried to fight back and tag, but couldn’t and suffered a spine buster for a near fall. Davari started driving knees and elbows into the back of Swann, followed by a headlock. Swann started to fight out, but Davari gave him some more huge shots, and tried to pin Swann yet again. Davari applied a reverse chin lock, but Swann turned into a test of strength, before delivering an enziguri on the opposite side of the ring from his partner. Swann made the tag, and Gallagher came in and immediately hit Daivari with a drop kick, and then another. Daivari fell into one corner, and Gallagher whipped him across the ring into the opposite corner. Daivari tried to reverse, but Gallagher landed in position for his signature head stand. He double kicked then pinned Daivari, but Dar broke it up. Dar tagged in, and Swann made a blind tag. Gallagher hit a head butt and running drop kick, and Swann followed with the Phoenix splash on Dar for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: Well, sometimes when you mix talents together for a match, you get unexpected fun, but that was not the case here. All 4 guys are tremendously talented, but tonights show is Austin Aries, and everything else is just filling time for segments not including Aries, so they just didn’t have enough time to create anything memorable. Plus, the creative team needed to make more time for…gifts, or something…

After the match, a guy is seen walking to the ring caring a heart shaped box, as Dar called for a mic. He shouted at the guy saying “youre late!”. Dar said this gift is for a lady “that is sweeter than all the chocolate in the world”, and gave it to Fox.

Analysis: Do you think Dar is sending the gifts? I sure don’t! The popular vote might think Swann is doing it, but I think that’s what they want us to think. Then again, probably not.

The announcers noted that tonight, Austin Aries will make his 205 Live in ring debut against “The Premiere Athlete” Tony Nese.

The Brian Kendrick had an interview backstage. He has an answer for Tozawa, and he thought about saying no, but then he says if Tozawa wants to fight him, that’s whats gunna happen. That match is next.

Akira Tozawa vs The Brian Kendrick

Before the match, Kendrick said never let it be said that he is not a man of his word, he said Tozawa wanted a fight, and he is going to get one. Kendrick introduced “A” Bryan Kendrick, and said lesson number six is always read the fine print. The match started, and Tozawa dropped him with a kick, then started the ground and pound. Tozawa hyped the crowd, and went back to work his opponent. He delivered a penalty kick, and a senton, then hyped the crowd more. He went after “The Brian Kendrick, but Bryan Kendrick caught the upperhand from behind. Tozawa fired up with a spinning back kick, followed by a snap suplex for the easy win.
Neville was interviewed backstage. He was asked about Aries debut. Neville said Aries is going to regret this, and that Aries has been disrespectful to all of the rest of the locker room. Neville said everyone wants to face him at Wrestlemania, but only one person can, and we will find out who next week.

Analysis: So yeah he strongly hinted at us already kind knowing whats up for Wrestlemania, but what if the match for the Crusierweight championship isn’t Neville vs Aries? Well, this is just a guess, but I think the multi man ladder match for a prize, in this case the Cruiserweight championship, could be a nice back up plan. Either way, it looks like we will know next week.

Austin Aries vs Tony Nese

Aries shook the finger of Nese pre match. They tied up once the bell ring, and went into the ropes. They tied up once again, and this time Nese slammed Aries, and posed. They tied up once again, but Aries took Nese to the mat. Aries then applied a head lock, a very long headlock. Nese started to fight out, but got caught with two arm drags, and a wrist lock. Nese escaped and applied a hold, but Aries to escaped, and took some time to kiss his biceps to mock Nese. Nese started telling Aries he doesn’t belong, then tossed Aries to the outside of the ring. Aries tweaked his knee a bit it appeared, but got back into the ring via sringboard after smacking Nese in the head, and dropping him. Aries whipped Nese into the corner, and hit an uppercut, then drove his elbow into Nese after a middle rope dive. Nese got back up, but then found himself pinned, and would kick out. Aries then hit a massive neck breaker on Nese, and went up top. Nese caught him in the act, then kicked him, and dropped Aries with a gut buster. Nese went for a pin, but Aries kicked out. Nese then applied a submission hold with his legs wrapped around Aries ribs. Aries countered, then got drilled by Nese, who tried another pin. Nese took some time to pose, cartwheeled off the apron, and dropped Aries with a super kick. Back in the ring, Nese went for another pin attempt after rolling Aries back into the ring. Nese told Aries to go back to where he belongs, and pointed at the announcers desk. Aries started punching out, did a cart wheel of his own, and dropped Nese with a clothesline. Aries followed that up with a gut buster, and STO by Aries, followed by a pendulum elbow. Nese caught him with a surprise roll up, into a sitout powerbomb, followed by another pin attempt. Nese tried to suplex Aries into the corner turn buckle, but Aries countered. Aries knocked Nese out of the ring, and then dove onto him. Aries set up for his spinning clothesline finisher, and hit it, dropping Nese for the 1-2-3

Analysis: And there you have it folks, Aries is on 205 Live. Although he looked a little bit rusty, Austin Aries eventually overcame Tony Nese, who gave Aries all he could handle. Nese is no pushover, and he wasn’t booked as one. The reason that’s great is because we all knew who would win the match, but for Nese to keep fighting, even being on top of things for the most part, and look so strong against an opponent like Aries is really promising. WWE likes Nese, and so do I! As for Aries, he is on to much greener pastures, and we can all be happy about that!

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