ThredUp and Christian Siriano team to unveil ‘Thrift Logo’

ThredUp has created a logo that will serve as the first universal
symbol for used secondhand clothing. In partnership with designer
Christian Siriano, the clothing resale platform has introduced what it
calls the “Thrift Logo.”

The Thrift Logo was created to allow secondhand garments to become
recognizable objects that stand for sustainability, as a means of
inspiring more people to commit to reducing waste in fashion through

The logo’s design is of a shape similar to a clothing hanger, with
an arrow pointing in towards itself, representing the circular nature
of clothing resale.

“Thrifting says a lot about your values. I designed the Thrift Logo
with thredUP so those values can be shared,” Siriano said in a press
release. “I hope this logo inspires people to extend the life of their
clothes and gives the sustainable fashion movement a louder voice to

ThredUp offers new ‘Thrift Logo’ to the entire resale industry

ThredUp created the Thrift Logo to become a recognizable logo, for
the entire resale market rather than simply for its own brand.

“We invite consumers to put the logo on any of their thrifted
clothes, and we invite other resellers to embrace this logo as their
own,” ThredUp’s vice president of marketing, Erin Wallace, commented.
“It doesn’t matter where you shop. It matters that you wear used
clothing proudly to inspire others to toss less and thrift more.
That’s how we’ll collectively create a more sustainable future for

For the Thrift Logo’s launch, ThredUp has made iron-on patches of
the symbol for consumers and other resellers. Consumers can receive a
free patch with any purchase from ThredUp’s e-commerce site this week,
or purchase a patch for 5 dollars. Other resellers may order patches
from ThredUp to distribute to their own customers. These patches are
made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Images: ThredUp

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