J.R. Talks NXT Takeover: Dallas, Says He Wants Joe v. Lesnar

Jim Ross says he thoroughly enjoyed being at WWE’s NXT Takeover: Dallas this past Friday night. The WWE Hall of Famer and former head of talent relations recently posted a new blog entry where he discusses the event that took place just two nights before WrestleMania 32.

“Thoroughly enjoyed myself at WWE NXT Takeover Dallas on Friday night and it was one of the most enjoyable evenings that I’ve ever spent at a pro wrestling show. Loved the booking and the unfiltered effort from the talents who took the ring,” Ross wrote. “The stage we set by the opening match of the Alpha Males vs Dash & Dawson who showed everyone that they are all potential big time players in WWE. Helluva tag match by both teams that demonstrated fundamental soundness, logic, intensity and effort. Really proud of all four men in the match.”

Good ol’ J.R. also talked about Samoa Joe’s match with Finn Balor, and revealed who on the WWE roster he most wants to see Samoa Joe face off against.

“Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor was a Slobber Knocker for sure and here are two more big stars waiting to take off in a major way in WWE,” Ross said. “I’d love to see Joe vs Lesnar someday. Seems like WWE needs to address the procedure of inadvertent blood as to not have to adversely impact the flow of the bout in progress.”

Samoa Joe is rumored to be moving from NXT to the main WWE roster in the near future. You can read J.R.’s blog here.

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