WWE Looking To Sign Several Top ROH & Lucha Underground Stars

WWE has been more aggressive as of late when it comes to contacting contracted stars in both Ring Of Honor and Lucha Underground about coming into the company.

All the top names you’d expect that WWE might be interested in are being contacted, without the previously held “looks” and “size” limitations that the promotion has been known to be biased about in the past because the plan is to load up on the NXT roster.

WWE wants to add a lot of top workers to the NXT roster in 2016 for more extensive touring with what would basically be a WWE branded and WWE-level production type of show, but with ROH level main event matches.

A key, as was explained to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is that Vince McMahon didn’t want ROH or TNA talents on the main WWE roster if they had been exposed on national cable television already, and if they had been merchandised.

The issue with ROH talent, which is said to be changing, was the fact that the promotion blindsided WWE when they got on Destination America. This is reportedly not an issue when it comes to those same talents working in NXT, where there is more of an emphasis on it being a work-rate promotion.

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