Tough Enough Star Talks About Bikini Modeling Background With Contestant

Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Gigi, who was recently eliminated from the show, spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News about her bikini contest background. Below are some of the highlights.

On her bikini modeling background along with Amanda: “So we weren’t friends, we knew of each other. We both come from a fitness modeling background and last year I competed at worlds in Las Vegas as a pro bikini model and she was in that competition as well. We didn’t get a chance to speak during that but our paths crossed again. I think we were meant to be friends.”

On who finished higher in the bikini contest between she and Amanda: “Oh, you don’t want to know. It was Amanda. Amanda is the world bikini champion at the moment. She was first place on the pro stage and I came in fourth. Yeah, not bad by me since it was my second competition. So, she beat me again.”

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