Charlotte Interview: Redefining Women's Wrestling, RAW Debut Against Natalya

NXT Diva Charlotte spoke to Ted Gruber of this week after losing the NXT Women’s championship to Sasha Banks in a Fatal Fourway match at Takeover: Rival.

Charlotte said the women at NXT are paving the way for a revolution in women’s wrestling that will eventually overtake the way Divas matches are portrayed on WWE television.

“If they were able to play our matches on Raw it would be great to show that the women can work like men. I’m not saying the Divas on the roster now aren’t capable of doing that. but the training in NXT has really helped us. I think over the years with the Divas searches and very little training makes it hard to make the division legitimate. I hope over my career that they don’t like at our matches as a ‘popcorn match.’ I truly believe we are paving the way for a great division.”

She also spoke about her WWE RAW debut back on December 9th, which she lost to Natalya. When asked how she felt when was told she’d her first WWE match would be against a veteran like Natalya, she said:

“To be honest I don’t think about the match itself. I look at this being one of the first opportunities of many that I will have in the future. Just to have the opportunity to whether it was one minute or twenty minutes was great to highlight the future (NXT), and myself.

“Natty has been there for the biggest moments in my career. She was my very first dark match at NXT. She was my first NXT Special match where I won the women’s championship. These were very special moments and I don’t think it could have gone any better.”

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