Nanushka launches "Connected Fashion" with Eon platform

Nanushka is extending the longevity of its garments in a highly
innovative way. The contemporary fashion label has partnered with Eon,
a connected products platform, Eon, to turn pieces from its Resort
2021 collection into “intelligent and lifelong digital assets,” as
described in a press release.

This Connected Fashion initiative was developed to increase the
lifetime value for customers, increase revenue from products and track
products from new to renew, as a way to benefit the brand’s consumers,
society and environment.

Selected sustainable garments from the collection will be utilized
for the Connected Fashion initiative. These items will come with a QR
code that can provide their owners with information on services and
amenities that can help extend the longevity of the garment and
contribute to a circular fashion economy.

These services include styling insights, instructions for resale,
sustainability credentials, services for rental and peer-to-peer
sharing and more.

“We believe in the vision of a circular economy, and we recognize
our responsibility as a brand to proactively take steps towards
building a circular fashion system where products and materials are
utilised at their most and where connected products enhance the user
experience through an increased level of transparency,” Sandra Sandor,
Nanushka’s founder and creative director, said in a press release. “We
partnered with Eon, who makes this step possible with their leading
connected products technology shaping a better future of consumption
and production.”

Image: Nanushka

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