WWE PPV Flashbacks: No Way Out – February 25, 2001

No Way Out
February 25, 2001
Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV

Well and truly on the Road to WrestleMania, the WWF stopped in to Vegas for the 2001 instalment of No Way Out. Tonight’s main event would see the reigning WWF Champion, Kurt Angle, put his title on the line against the man he beat to win the gold back in October. That man was of course, the People’s Champion, The Rock. The winner of that match would earn the right to main event the biggest show of the year against Stone Cold Steve Austin, the 2001 Royal Rumble winner. Speaking of Austin, tonight he puts his highly personal rivalry with the Game to bed, as he battles Triple H in the first ever Three Stages of Hell match. Before we get into the show, I should mention that we have a new Commissioner on the scene as well. With Mr McMahon firing Foley back in December, he would appoint William Regal as his replacement in the weeks leading up to this show. Regal would cement his role as a stooge for Mr McMahon’s egomaniacal ways, but more on that later. Lets jump right in. Please share your thoughts with me on Twitter at @Mpmcc91.

Our opening video package is all about the two matches I just mentioned above – Rock/Angle and Austin/Triple H. After our opening pyro we are welcomed to the show by Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler. This would actually be Lawler’s last PPV for a number of months, but we’ll get into that next time.

WWF Hardcore Championship:
Raven (c) vs Big Show
Our first match of the night pits the Big Show, fresh of his return last month in the Rumble, against the reigning Hardcore Champion, Raven. As I mentioned in the last review, Raven defeated Steve Blackman back in December to win the title, but since the Rumble there’s actually been a huge amount of title changes due to the 24/7 rule which is still in effect. I won’t go into them all (thats what Wikipedia is for), but since the Rumble, the title has been held by Al Snow, K-Kwik, Crash Holly, Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman. Raven would win the title back from Blackman about a week before this event on a house show to enter as the champ here, along with his usual trolley of weapons. This was really just thrown together to give Show something to do and continue his push as the dominant monster. By the way, Raven has also had a mystery woman helping him out in recent weeks. We actually see her attempt to jump Show during his entrance only for Show to go after her. The distraction would allow Raven to attack Show in the aisle to get the match underway. The two men brawl back towards ringside and get in the ring. Show is in control until he misses a charge in the corner, allowing Raven to go on offence with a fire extinguisher. Before long someone dressed up as a popcorn vendor attacks Raven, wanting to cash in on the 24/7 rule. Show meanwhile recovers and beats up the attacker, who is revealed to be Crash Holly moments later. Thats only the beginning though, as Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman also rush out to the ring. They double team Show, and while this is going on, Billy Gunn hits the ring and delivers the Fameasser to Raven. The ref counts his pin and Billy Gunn is the new Hardcore Champion! His moment is short lived though as he is attacked by the others still in the ring, with Blackman & Hardcore delivering a Sidewinder to the new champion. Raven capitalises by pinning the downed Gunn whilst Show takes the other two out, and Raven wins back his title about a minute after losing it. He has an angry giant still to deal with though. At this point the mystery woman heads down to make the save but she is taken out by Molly Holly, whom she had attacked in recent weeks. Molly would end up exposing the woman as the returning Tori a few weeks later. Anyway, Raven attempts to fight Show off with whatever he can get his hands on, but Show takes him down with a chokeslam to win the title at a total time of 4:20. This obviously wasn’t supposed to be a high quality match. It was just some Hardcore fun and continuation of the 24/7 rule. The issues between Raven and Show would not end here. For now, we have one dominant monster as the new Hardcore Champion in a good way to open the show.
Grade: *1/2

We now go to earlier in the night on Heat, where Kevin Kelly caught up with the arriving Kurt Angle. Angle isn’t ready to lose his title tonight and doesn’t intend to. Back live, we send it to Lillian Garcia who is standing by with Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero. The Radicalz say they will work together in the next match and that one of them will leave with the I.C title.

WWF Intercontinental Championship:
Chris Jericho (c) vs X-Pac vs Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit
The new I.C champion Chris Jericho looks to battle the odds here as he takes on three contenders with whom he has history. Of course, Jericho defeated Benoit back at the Rumble to win the title in a great ladder match. He had also taken X-Pac and Eddie Guerrero out of action with the Walls of Jericho over the past few months, so both men are looking for revenge here. Benoit and Guerrero are obviously still aligned as indicated by the pre-match promo, and X-Pac is just a jerk, so Jericho is the only face here. Right off the bat, the Radicalz members work together as they enter the ring at the same time and pair off – Benoit with X-Pac and Eddie with Jericho respectively. Before long the two double team Jericho until X-Pac attempts to intervene. He doesn’t have much luck though, as Benoit locks him in the Crossface, only for the champ to break it up. We then rotate pairings in typical four way fashion. We begin to see some dissension between Benoit and Eddie as the match goes on, with Eddie breaking up a fall after Benoit delivers a German Suplex to Y2J. This leads to the two Radicalz going at it whilst Jericho and X-Pac both get a near fall on one another in the meantime. Eventually Jericho gets a burst of momentum and starts dishing out the Walls of Jericho on all his opponents. As the champion locks X-Pac in the hold, former ECW star Justin Credible (who we saw in the New Generation era as Aldo Montoya) rushes down to cause a distraction to prevent X-Pac from tapping. The two had formed a friendship upon Credible’s return to the company a few weeks prior. Back to the match at hand, Benoit takes Jericho out but is then double teamed by Pac and Credible on the outside. This allows Jericho to recover and deliver the Lionsault to Eddie, only for X-Pac to come back and hit the champion with the X-Factor. Benoit also gets back into things, dispatching of Credible and then locking X-Pac in the Crossface. Eddie breaks it up before X-Pac taps and the two go at it. Benoit ends up taking Eddie out with a Diving Headbutt, only to fall victim to an X-Pac spinning heel kick seconds after getting back up. In the middle of all the chaos however, Jericho manages to roll X-Pac up and score the three count to retain his title at 12:17. This was a really good match. It was fast paced and always had something going on. These four guys always knew how to go, so its no surprise we got such a good match out of it. There was never a dead moment and the crowd were hot for this. A strong defence for the popular Y2J.
Grade: ***3/4

Backstage, Triple H is shown preparing for his match with Austin. Elsewhere, Mr McMahon confronts Commissioner Regal about his decision to make the upcoming match between his daughter and his mistress. Vince tells Regal to do the right thing before walking off. Regal has no bloody idea what the right thing is. Speaking of that match, we go to a video package highlighting it next.

We now cross to WWF New York where the guest of the month is the new European Champion, Test. As I mentioned in the last review, he defeated Regal the night after the Rumble to win the title and is a face now. JR & King ask him about the Stephanie/Trish match due to his history with both women, but he says he hope they destroy each other before referring to them both as trash bag hoes.

We cut to the back again where Trish is making her way to the curtain. Regal interrupts and talks jibberish but Trish says she doesn’t have time for his nonsense and has a bitch to slap. Speaking of which, we also see Steph walking towards the curtain elsewhere in the building.

Trish Stratus vs Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
Both women are heels here, although the crowd seem to side with Steph for this one. This match has come about due to Stephanie not being happy with her father’s relationship with Trish, as we saw from their tussle during the WWF title match last month at the Rumble. This would continue over the weeks that followed, with Stephanie claiming her family only had room for one dominant female. Their catfights would include the memorable one backstage in a stack of hay heading into this show, and Commissioner Regal would make this match for the two to settle their differences. Trish still doesn’t have much ring experience at this point, so Stephanie is the better one in the ring at this point in time. The match however, is highly entertaining, which was a result of the chemistry these two shared. Of course, they both look lovely as well. Stephanie spears Trish to start and and the two are going at it right off the bat, with Steph ripping out some of Trish’s hair. The action quickly goes to the floor and Trish ends up throwing Steph over the barrier into the crowd. Steph comes back by diving off the barricade onto Trish and JR mentions he is shocked by the physicality when he was expecting a cat fight. Thats high praise from JR. The action eventually heads over to the announce area, with Steph slamming Trish into the announce table before drenching her with a jug of water, and making Lawler go crazy at the same time. The action returns to the ring where Trish attempts to fight back, only for Steph to try to rip her opponent’s clothes off. The two women continue to go at it until they both are down on the mat and the match is interrupted by Regal, who gets some big heat from the crowd. Regal takes out the ref and hesitates, before putting Trish on top of Steph. As the ref recovers and goes to count however, Regal second guesses what Vince wants, and puts Steph’s foot on the rope. Trish gets in the commissioner’s face, so Regal drops her with a neckbreaker before leaving ringside. This allows Stephanie to crawl on top and cover Trish to pick up the victory at 8:29. A really fun match here. These two worked well together and put on a match that worked around their limitations in the ring at this point and had the fans eating it up. Both women worked hard here and the result paid off. Props to both ladies.
Grade: ***

Backstage, Mr McMahon is furious and yells at Regal for thinking that was what he wanted. Vince makes a match for the next night on Raw is War, pitting Regal & Stephanie against himself & Trish.

We now go to a video package highlighting the issues between Austin and Triple H prior to their upcoming war. Afterwards, Michael Cole attempts to get a word with Stone Cold. Cole asks if Austin is ready for hell, but the Rattlesnake just stares at him before walking off.

Three Stages of Hell Match:
Steve Austin vs Triple H
Here we go, the culmination of a rivalry filled with months of animosity going back months to when Triple H revealed he had been the mastermind behind the plot that saw Stone Cold run down at the 1999 Survivor Series. Ever since that moment, the two have spent every possible moment beating the hell out of each other, and last month both cost one another a separate shot at the WWF Championship. With the tension between these two at a fever pitch, it was finally announced that they would face off in the first ever three stages of hell match at No Way Out. In order to determine the stipulations for the match, Mr McMahon made a match between Rock and Rikishi on Raw, whereby the winner would allow Triple H or Austin respectively to choose the three match types. The Rock would come out victorious there and Triple H therefore decided that the first fall would be a singles match, the second a street fight, and the final fall to be contested inside a steel cage. A contract signing would then be held with a term added that once the contracts had been signed there could be no physicality between Triple H and Austin until No Way Out. If Austin did not comply he would lose his WWF title shot at Mania, whilst Triple H would be suspended for six months. The contracts appeared to be signed, however the Game would instantly attack Austin afterwards, only to reveal he had not actually signed the contract. Only once Austin was taken out did he then sign, with the Rattlesnake unable to get revenge on his assailant. Instead the two men would look to take out their frustrations on those close to their opponents, with Austin stunning Stephanie McMahon on Raw the week before this show, and Triple H responding later that week on Smackdown by assaulting Jim Ross.

Okay now that we have all that out of the way, lets get this show on the road. Massive pop for Austin as expected, whilst the Game got the heat that you would imagine. The announcers were playing up the hatred between these men big time. As I mentioned, the first fall is a regular match. The two guys start out with a brawl and the Game takes the early advantage after avoiding a Stunner. Austin fights back though and eventually nails Trips with a DDT and then begins to work over the Game’s shoulder, ramming it into the ring post. The damage results in Trips unable to execute the Pedigree moments later. From there we get some back and forth until Triple H decides to target the leg of the Rattlesnake. Once he grounds Austin, he locks in the figure four and uses the ropes for extra leverage. Austin fights his way out before too much damage can be done and the two men go at it trading blows some more. Austin finally catches Triple H with a stunner out of nowhere and manages to score the pin at around 12 minutes into the fall, taking the lead 1-0.

There’s no rest period and we go right into the street fight from here. This is where all hell breaks loose as both men just want to destroy one another. They go right out to the floor and Austin suplexes the Game onto the steel entrance ramp twice. He’s only getting started though as he then proceeds to fight Trips over to the announce area and smashes him in the skull with a monitor from the table. He stops the Game from fleeing into the crowd moments later, and back in the ring proceeds to beat the hell out of his hated adversary with a chair. Austin is absolutely relentless here which is actually a nice preview of things to come. He then heads back outside and grabs a barbed wire bat from the announce table. Before the Rattlesnake can do more damage, Trips takes it from him and uses it to bust Austin open and then beats him around the announce table. He goes to Pedigree Austin through the table, but his shoulder is in too much pain and that gives Austin the chance to back drop Trips through the Spanish table nearby instead to take control back. Trips ends up grabbing the ring bell and rolling back into the ring however, decking Austin with it for a near fall. From here we get some more action with Trips eventually attempting a Pedigree again only for Austin to back drop him again, this time out to the floor, and follows up with a sick chair shot to the Game. Hunter recovers and finds the sledgehammer under the announce table as well whilst King gets on JR’s case about why it was there to begin with. Austin manages to avoid the hammer shot and they go back into the ring. Austin pounds on Trips and looks to end things with a stunner, but before he can hit it, Hunter blocks the move and whacks Stone Cold with the hammer he is still holding, which keeps Austin down for the three. That fall brings us to about thirty minutes into the match and the score is now 1-1, meaning its time for the cage to determine the winner.

The cage now lowers and it is time for the decider. Triple H starts out by continuing his assault on Austin, tossing him into the cage walls and doing further damage with the barbed wire bat still inside the ring. That proves to be his undoing however as Austin responds by throwing Trips into the cage himself before busting him wide open with the wire as well. With both men now bleeding we get some back and forth action, but its mostly Austin in control until he goes for the stunner. Trips counters into the Pedigree but the subsequent pin only gets a two count. He responds by punishing Austin with a chair and going for a second Pedigree, only for Austin to hit the Stunner instead, but this also only scores two! With both men exhausted by this point, Triple H crawls for the sledgehammer whilst Austin goes for the wired bat. They get to their feet and both swing at each other, taking each other both down. With both men out of it after the gruelling war, Triple H finally crawls over and drapes over Austin to score the pinfall to win the match at a total time of 39:26. Just wow, what an amazing match. This was the culmination of a major feud that paid off big time. The match went for over half an hour yet there was never a dull moment. The story was these two men just destroying each other to the point that neither could continue, with the Game only getting the win because he was the one able to crawl on top of Austin. The match is one of the best for both men and an absolute must see classic. It was quite surprising Triple H won here, with Austin going to Mania, but perhaps seeds were being planted for down the line already. He does get his heat back after the match by delivering a Stunner to the Game though. All up, just track down this match (which with the Network is no issue now!).
Grade: *****

The announcers talk about the match we just witnessed for a moment before Lawler leaves as he is competing in our next match. This would be the last PPV moment for a few months that Lawler would be on commentary. He is replaced for the rest of the show by Tazz, who was slowly breaking out as an announcer part time at this point. We see footage leading to the next match before going to the RTC backstage, where Richards does his usual spiel.

Jerry Lawler w/The Kat vs Steven Richards w/Ivory
This is obviously filler after what we just witnessed. This stems from the RTC taking issue with the Kat’s attempts to expose herself on TV. On the Smackdown before this show, she was confronted by the entire RTC when Lawler came to her aid. The RTC proceeded to beat King down and this match was made. The stipulations were added whereby if Lawler won, Kat would be able to get naked, however if Richards won, the Kat would have to join the RTC. By the way, Ivory is still Women’s Champion and is at ringside here. Anyway, there’s really not much to mention here. Lawler is pretty much in control from the get go and he takes Richards outside to let Kat put some slaps on him as well. Richards eventually gets his hands on a chair, but before he can use it, Lawler hits the RTC leader with a DDT. This causes Ivory to attempt to interfere on Richards’ behalf, but Lawler slams her as well. Meanwhile Richards uses the distraction to get his hands on Ivory’s title belt. He attempts to hit Lawler with it, but he fails once again and misses. Lawler grabs Richards and gets Kat to come in and hit him with it instead whilst the ref is still tending to Ivory. She goes to do so but misses and hits Lawler instead! Richards covers Lawler and that gives him the win at 5:32. After the match, the rest of the RTC come out and take Kat away with them, putting some kind of sack over her in the process. As I said, this match was just filler. The whole Kat joining RTC storyline would not get the chance to play out as she would be fired not long after this PPV. Lawler was dating Kat behind the scenes and quit out of protest. Hence his absence for most of the remaining year.
Grade: *

We now get a recap of the events leading to our upcoming tag title match before going backstage to Michael Cole who is with the Undertaker and Kane. They basically vow to unleash hell on their opponents in the coming match.

WWF Tag Team Championship – Tables Match:
Dudley Boyz (c) vs Undertaker & Kane vs Edge & Christian
The rules here are that the first man to put an opponent through a table will win the match for his team. No eliminations here. Anyway, the Dudley Boyz won the titles back at the Rumble by defeating Edge & Christian, so the former champs are looking to regain the gold tonight. Meanwhile, after reuniting at that same event, the Brothers of Destruction laid out all four men on the Raw is War before this show. This attack did not sit well with Edge & Christian however, who later that night devised a plan for their opponents to destroy one another. Edge & Christian would tell a backstage worker that the Dudley Boyz were damaging Taker’s bike, and then subsequently bait the Dudley Boyz to the area before hiding. Taker & Kane would see the Dudleyz and beat them up, which allowed Edge & Christian to get the last laugh by jumping the Brothers of Destruction dishing out a conchairto on Kane. Those mind games would not exactly work in favour of the former champs to start this match however. Taker & Kane make their way out first and are followed by E&C. They try to retreat back up the ramp rather than getting in the ring when the Dudley Boyz come out behind them, trapping the conniving heels. The two face teams brawl with E&C in the aisle as the match gets under way. There’s no tagging here by the way, so its a whole lot of guys just beating the hell out of each other. As they fight back towards the ring Bubba slips on a chair in an unintentionally funny spot. Taker and Kane clean house as the action returns to the ring and they begin to dismantle Edge & Christian. The Dudleyz come back with chairs in hand and take the dominant duo out, but E&C briefly take over. That is until they attempt a conchairto and miss, which leads to some miscommunication and a subsequent Wazzup drop to Edge. Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables, but the champs are then stopped in their tracks by Taker and Kane. They take control of the match once more with their power based offence, and eventually look to be closing in on victory. Just as they take out everyone out and go to powerbomb E&C through tables, the match is interrupted by the new team of Rikishi & Haku. They end up brawling with Taker and Kane up the ramp. At the time it seemed this would be a Mania match, but that wouldn’t happen. With the Brothers of Destruction occupied, the Dudley Boyz recover in the ring. They deliver a 3D on Christian through the table and retain their titles at 12:04. After the match, Taker and Kane stare back at the ring pissed. The match here was decent enough and the crowd were into it. It was cool to see Taker and Kane mixing it up in the midcard here. As I said, the thing with Rikishi & Haku didn’t go anywhere, but we got better things at Mania anyway on all fronts. A solid title defence for the popular Dudley Boyz who look to be heading into the biggest show of the year with the gold.
Grade: ***

The main event is up next so we get a video package chronicling the build to the encounter. Before we get to the match however, Kevin Kelly gets a word with the Rock. Good stuff once again as he basically says Kurt Angle’s days as champion are coming to an end.

WWF Championship:
Kurt Angle (c) vs The Rock
Our main event of the evening pits Kurt Angle up against the man he beat to win the title in the first place back in October. Angle has had a pretty underrated run with the title as the opportunistic champion to this point, but it was pretty obvious when this match was made they were getting the title back on the Rock for the big rematch with Austin at Mania. Anyway, Rock defeated the Big Show in a number one contender match on Smackdown a few weeks before this show to earn the title shot tonight. From there to build to this match was pretty simple, with Rock telling Angle at every opportunity that the clock was ticking on his title reign, whilst Angle vowed to prove the Great One wrong. Finally on the Smackdown before this show, Kurt Angle got the last laugh by putting Rock through a table to win a six man tag match and subsequently locked in the Ankle Lock on his challenger after the match as the show went off the air. That brings us to where we are now. The match gets started with both men trading blows and Rock taking the early advantage. After some initial offence with some Angle belly to belly suplexes mixed in, Rock locks Angle in his trademark sharpshooter, but the Olympic champion manages to get to the ropes to break the hold. Angle takes over for a bit, hitting some fast paced offence and tosses Rock to the outside. He gets back in and DDTs Angle, but all of the sudden, Big Show’s music hits. The new Hardcore Champion hits the ring and chokeslams both men and the ref before leaving again. He even gets his music playing again as he leaves. I understand they were playing up the continuing Rock/Show issues and Show’s frustration over losing the number one contender match on Smackdown, but it all comes off as random in hindsight considering Show would be nowhere remotely near the main event scene for the rest of the year! Anyway, more refs come out to help the official who was just laid out and meanwhile Rock crawls on top of Angle. Earl Hebner dumps the ref he was helping and runs in to count the three, only for Angle to kick out. Hebner goes back to check on the official, so Rock uses the opportunity to whack Kurt with the title belt – not exactly the most face-like move out there. The cover again only gets two though. Angle now fires back and gets Rock in the ankle lock, even yelling “I’ll break your fucking ankle” audibly into the camera. Despite Kurt’s vicious streak, Rock gets to the ropes and the match continues. Rock turns things around with the Spinebuster and People’s Elbow combo, but Angle manages to kick out yet again to the shock of the crowd! Rock argues with the referee and Angle uses the opportunity to take off the turnbuckle padding. He sends Rock face first into the exposed steel and follows up with the Olympic Slam, but Rock manages to kick out before the three. Rock now launches into his proper comeback and eventually launches Kurt into the turnbuckle and follows up with the Rock Bottom to put him away. Except, something weird happens as the ref botches the count and Angle kicks out to the absolute disbelief of everyone in the building. Well even if it wasn’t intentional, that just made Kurt look like a million bucks so I’ll take it! Nonetheless, Rock follows up immediately with a second Rock Bottom and that one allows him to get the three on Angle to win the WWF Championship once again at 16:53. A really great match that on a regular PPV would have been the match of the night. Tonight we had the epic Austin/HHH encounter, but this was still a phenomenal way to end the show. I liked this match better than their first encounter at No Mercy but both were very good, which goes to show the chemistry these two had. The Big Show stuff was totally random, but otherwise very good stuff. Rock celebrates with his title to win the show and he has a date with his greatest rival on the grandest stage of them all next month.
Grade: ****

For the most part in history, the February PPV is a holdover show to carry things into WrestleMania the following month. This PPV was much more than that. Just look at those ratings – five matches hitting the three star range, two of those breaking four stars, and one an all time classic. This is one of those PPVs that can be argued as one of the best secondary PPVs of all time. The highlight of the night was definitely the amazing three stages of hell match that served to end a very heated rivalry. The WWF title match was also great. All the stuff that mattered delivered big time here, I really don’t know what else to say. We are well and truly on the road to the biggest show of the year, and its one that most would consider the climax of the Attitude era. Its been a fun run thats for sure. That show is one of the best of all time. This one deserves mention on that list as well though.

Three Stars of the Night:
1. Steve Austin/Triple H (tie) – can’t decide here. What an amazing war that ate up over thirty minutes of the show. One of both men’s greatest performances and Austin showing he still had what it took to go in high gear coming off his injury.
2. The Rock – awesome match with Angle that showcased their chemistry together. The Great One is back in the spot as top dog and goes on to meet the other top guy next month at Mania.
3. Kurt Angle – a lot of people crap on Angle’s title reign in late 2000/early 2001. Sure he often wasn’t booked to look strong, but thats the kind of champion he was supposed to be – it played into his whole character. Tonight he lost the title in predictable fashion as you couldn’t see him headlining Mania with Austin at this point. Regardless, he looked great in there taking the Rock to his limits.

FINAL GRADE: 9.5 out of 10

What I do here is add the three stars of the night with each review so as to keep track of who we can say overall is the greatest PPV performer to any given time. First place scores 3 points, second 2 and third 1.

Steve Austin = 96
Bret Hart = 83
Shawn Michaels = 67
The Rock = 50
Triple H = 49
Mick Foley = 38
Randy Savage = 28
Undertaker = 26
Owen Hart = 21
Hulk Hogan = 18
X-Pac = 18
Diesel = 15
Chris Jericho = 14
Ultimate Warrior = 13
Vader = 13
Matt Hardy = 13
Jeff Hardy = 13
British Bulldog = 12
Kurt Angle = 12
Christian = 11
Ted DiBiase = 10
Razor Ramon = 10
Vince McMahon = 10
Edge = 10
Ric Flair = 8
Jim Neidhart = 7
Jerry Lawler = 6
Bubba Ray Dudley = 6
D-Von Dudley = 6
Chris Benoit = 6
Dynamite Kid = 5
Arn Anderson = 5
Roddy Piper = 5
Mr Perfect = 5
Marty Jannetty = 5
Bob Backlund = 5
Ricky Steamboat = 4
Ax = 4
Smash = 4
Bobby Heenan = 4
D’Lo Brown = 4
Rikishi = 4
Greg Valentine = 3
Tully Blanchard = 3
Tanaka = 3
Bam Bam Bigelow = 3
Sato = 3
Jake Roberts = 3
Hakushi = 3
Yokozuna = 3
Savio Vega = 3
Ken Shamrock = 3
Shane McMahon = 3
Chyna = 3
Kane = 3
Brutus Beefcake = 2
Paul Orndorff = 2
Andre the Giant = 2
Rick Rude = 2
Sgt Slaughter = 2
Jeff Jarrett = 2
Jesse Ventura = 1
Texas Tornado = 1
Tito Santana = 1
Virgil = 1
Scott Steiner = 1
Rick Steiner = 1
Lex Luger = 1
The Roadie = 1
Billy Gunn = 1
Bart Gunn = 1
Marc Mero = 1
Flash Funk = 1
Animal = 1
Hawk = 1
Taka Michinoku = 1
Test = 1
Big Show = 1
Dean Malenko = 1
Scotty 2 Hotty = 1

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