Goldberg Speaks On Recent Negotiations With Triple H, Possibility Of A WWE Return

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Bill Goldberg spoke with prior to WrestleMania XXX earlier this month. When asked about the rumors of him returning to WWE and possibly facing Ryback, Goldberg said that he did have a few talks with Triple H, but none of them were specifically geared towards working with Ryback.

Regarding the possibility of a WWE return, Goldberg stated the following:

“Would I love to do it again and have my son and my wife, who has never seen me wrestle? Abso-damn-lutely. Would I jeopardize what I’ve done in the wrestling world just to make that happen? No. So if I wasn’t ready to do it, physically ready to do it, and it wasn’t the right situation, I wouldn’t do it just to do it. If that was the case, I’d probably be at WrestleMania this year. It just has to be right and if it’s not right, then I’m retired, for good.”

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