Cody Rhodes Speaks On Who Helps Him In WWE, Working With Goldust & More

The following are highlights from a new SLAM! Wrestling interview with WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes:

On not being pressured to go into wrestling by his family: “Wrestling was something I always wanted to do, maybe not all I ever wanted to do, but something I definitely wanted to do. I really had no pressure from my family.”

On his father Dusty Rhodes’ early advice: “When I told my dad I wanted to give wrestling a shot, he told me, after a good 10 minutes of silence, ‘If you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it to be the best.’ But wrestling is such a great thing. There’s no way to hide from getting the fans reaction. It’s really special.”

On who helps him backstage in WWE: “Sometimes, my dad’s advice is biased because he’s too close to the project. I usually stay away from getting advice from my family. My dad thinks I’m the best and this is not what’s gonna help me get better. Guys like Fit Finlay, JBL, Arn Anderson are the ones I ask for advice.”

On what led to his teaming with Goldust: “Nothing was supposed to lead this way. It’s just one of those things that caught fire. The thing you need to know about Dustin is that before his return, he had a behind-the-scene success. He’s a healthier person now. As Goldust, he has the best matches of his life. It’s like a Benjamin Button kind of story.”

“It’s a real trip. We both have a different style, but I really love it. It’s a very positive thing. I never thought it would happen. He started his career when I was a kid. We are closer together now and try to make it up for the lost time.”

“It’s an opportunity for us. We actually don’t talk that much of the ring when we are not in the ring.”

Check out the complete interview online at SLAM! Wrestling.

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