Backstage Reaction To Goldust vs. Orton, RAW Rewrites, Dusty Rhodes Returning?

According to reports, Monday’s edition of WWE RAW was likely heavily rewritten at the last minute, as Vince McMahon was originally intended to be a major part of the show.

Speaking of Monday’s RAW, the Goldust vs. Randy Orton match impressed many company officials, as well as fellow WWE Superstars. In fact, both Goldust and Orton reportedly received a standing ovation from the talent and crew as soon as they went backstage after their match.

While it’s not confirmed, and is merely a rumor at this point, there is a chance WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes will be featured on upcoming WWE television programming in the current storyline regarding his son, Cody Rhodes. What role Dusty will play, if any, is unknown at this point.



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