Bischoff Talks #August1Warning, Aces & 8's/MEM, Hogan Uncensored Updates

-TNA’s Eric Bischoff recently posted the following tweet regarding the #August1Warning angle TNA started on their YouTube channel on Friday:

999 times out of a 1000, people making threats have no means to back them up: … via @youtube

-As reported earlier, Hulk Hogan also addressed the #August1Warning storyline on Twitter with the following tweet:

What’s up with AUGUST 1. don’t need anymore head aches with this kind of stuff!! GM.IMPACT WRESTLING. HH

Hogan has followed up on Twitter with this new tweet:

Aces&8’s and Main Event Mafia be ready for August 1st,don’t want any more trouble brother. HH

-Speaking of Hogan, “The Hulkster” posted the following notes on Twitter regarding the upcoming “Hulk Hogan Uncensored” stage show in Toronto:

Hey you maniacs! I’ll be swapping road tales @FanExpoCanada with my man @EBishoff #HulkHoganUncensored HH

“Follow @EBischoff on twitter for updates on UNCENSORED in Toronto”. HH

For more information on the upcoming “Hulk Hogan Uncensored” stage show, visit

RUMOR On Who The “#August1Warning” Mystery-Man Might Be ….

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