Brodus Clay On His First WWE Release, Who Discovered Him

Brodus Clay sat down with Brian Soscia, thanks to Mix Philadelphia for the information, and discussed many topics. Here are some of the highlights of the interview.

On His first release from the WWE:

“I got a call after practice, which is rude [laughter]. Call me before practice. I was told that I wasn’t developing like they wanted and that they were going to look into future us working together, but for now we needed to part ways. I was like alright. I packed my bags and went back to California and actually put wrestling behind me. I actually thought, well you know what, I thought it was crazy I made it once and to think I’m going to come back or whatever was unrealistic goal. So I went back to bodyguarding and substitute teaching. I was actually doing very well, traveling the world with Snoop. So I was kind of doing that. I would have dreams at night about wrestling and stuff but I kept it very quiet.”

“As soon as I showed up they had open arms. They met me at the door. I remember Cena shook my hand. John Laurinaitis was like you know the door’s still open. I was like you guys closed it pretty hard actually. I still have splinters in my face, but that’s cool. About two weeks later I was sitting around and I was like I can either do this bodyguarding the rest of my life or I could take a chance and go back and do what I always wanted to do. I called them up and asked if the offer was still on the table and he was like yeah. I came back and I’m glad obviously I did. It’s been great ever since.”

On Who Discovered Him:

“I was discovered by Tommy Dreamer. When Wrestlemania was in Los Angeles, he had brought a few wrestlers with him to dinner. When I was not a body guard, I was a substitute teacher during the day, I was bounced clubs at night and yeah, I was working. I worked like every other week for Snoop. At a place called Saddle Ranch. I ran security there. So I would check in and make sure everyone was working and doing their thing. They [Dreamer and guests] came in and I was a huge fan my whole life. So as soon as I saw Tommy Dreamer and those guys I wouldn’t let them wait in line. I brought them in and put them up on the stage, VIP service, I bought their first round of drinks and their food and I took care of them.”

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