Kevin Nash Says He Won't Be At RAW 1,000, The Miz Gets A New Look & More

— The following matches are advertised for the August 3rd WWE SuperShow in Jacksonville, FL:

* Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs. The Big Show
* WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
* WWE Special Challenge Match: Chris Jericho vs. Kane

— The Miz has a new look for his role in the WWE Studios film, “The Marine: Homefront. Click the thumbnail below to see the full size image:

— Kevin Nash says he won’t be attending the WWE RAW 1,000th episode celebration on July 23rd. Nash tweeted over the weekend:

“So f*cked Raw’s 1000th episode falls on my family vacation. Every year we spend july in the islands. Family comes 1st after 20+ years”

* SURPRISES Revealed For The 1,000th RAW Celebration

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