Triple H Requires Surgery After Being Attacked By Brock Lesnar On Monday's Raw

Following Brock Lesnar’s application of the Kimura Lock on Triple H’s left arm Monday night on Raw SuperShow, the Chief Operating Officer of WWE will require surgery, reports.

After Lesnar erupted and targeted The Game’s left arm, the WWE Superstar could be heard saying “it’s broken” as he was helped up the ramp and out of the arena. X-rays later confirmed Triple H’s belief.

WWE adds: “Medical officials were initially optimistic that the fracture in Triple H’s left arm could be treated non-invasively, but further examination revealed that the break, in addition to severe ligament and tendon damage around the elbow, would necessitate surgical repair.”

WWE is advertising a follow-up to determine how the “Board of Directors will respond to this sinister assault or what consequences await the former UFC champion.”

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