WWE Superstar Appearing At TNA Slammiversary This Weekend

TNA President Dixie Carter announced on Twitter this morning that WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian will be appearing at TNA Slammiversary this weekend:

“On a plane headed to Dallas for the big PPV this weekend. Very excited @Christian4Peeps is joinin us for the night. He’s one of my favorites”

When TNA allowed Ric Flair to appear at WWE’s Hall of Fame ceremony earlier this year, it was rumored that in return, TNA requested that Christian do a sit-down interview with TNA. That footage would be used for future TNA DVD releases. It’s unknown whether Christian will be appearing on camera this Sunday at Slammiversary of he’ll be there to film that interview.

Dixie Carter’s announcement could also be a sign that Christian will be the first person announced for the TNA Hall of Fame at the pay-per-view, but that is just speculation at this point.

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