WWE Threatens Legal Action Over Newspaper Slamming Linda McMahon & WWE

WWE is under attack once again this week by a political opponent of Linda McMahon – and this time, they’re taking legal action.

After being called “barely above pornpography” by Joshua Fisher for the Darien Times newspaper, WWE issued a statement on their website defending their product and calling Fisher out for the inaccuracies in his biased story.

Now, WWE has threatened legal action against Chris Powell, managing editor of The Manchester Journal Inquirer. They are demanding a retraction from him saying that Linda McMahon has funded her Senate campaigns through the “business of violence, pornography and general raunch.”

Powell says he never mentioned WWE by name and points out that YouTube requires an age restriction on footage of Trish Stratus being forced to bark like a dog by Vince McMahon years ago on RAW.

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