What Happened After RAW, 20% Chance Of Rain This Sunday, RAW Trends

– As of Tuesday morning the weather forecast for Miami this Sunday (WrestleMania) calls for for partly cloudy skies with a high of 84 degrees and a low of 71. There is a 20% chance of rain.

– Several interesting phrases trended worldwide on Twitter during Monday’s RAW. “Chris Masters” trended for the 2nd consecutive week on Raw when David Otunga made his entrance. Fans noting the similarities between Masters and Otunga. “Oddities” trended worldwide after Michael Cole referred to Team Teddy as the Oddities. “Civil War Pie” trended after The Rock referenced Betty White hitting on him in his main event promo on Raw.

Full list of WWE-related worldwide Twitter trends:

Last Raw, Randy Orton, #RAW, Michael Cole, Team Johnny, Vickie Guerrero, Chris Masters, David Otunga, Team Teddy, John Laurinaitis, The Miz, CM Punk vs Christian, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Captain Charisma, CM Punk’s, CM Punk, Brodus Clay, #SomebodyCallMyMama, Curt Hawkins, Big Show, Rosa Mendes, Drew McIntyre, A-Train, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, Oddities, Booker T, Civil War Pie, Boots 2 Asses, #CivilWarPie and Rock and Cena.

– After Monday’s RAW Supershow from Atlanta, GA went off the air, John Cena left the ring. The Miz came out and demanded an apology from The Rock for stealing his spotlight after last year’s WrestleMania. Rock told the audience to take out their camera phones and tweet. Rock shook The Miz’s hand and then gave him a Rock Bottom to end the show.

* VIDEO from After RAW: THE ROCK Nails MIZ With A Rock Bottom!

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