WWE Raw Report (04/09/12) – Washington, D.C.

WWE Raw 04/09

We are live in: Washington, D.C.

Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

No standard Raw intro this week.

Raw starts with an announcement that The Three Stooges are the guest stars tonight, and CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against Mark Henry.

Pyro goes off.

The General Manager of Raw and Smackdown John Laurinaitis comes out along with David Otunga. He has new theme music and tron shown last week on Smackdown.

Laurinaitis says he would like to introduce the new face of the WWE. This man is not about catchphrases. This man is not here to entertain you. This man is a dominate, ruthless, legitimate athlete who will carry the WWE banner for years to come. A champion of champions! Let’s take a look at the impact this man made.

A video is shown of the final minutes of last week’s Raw when Brock Lesnar made his return and delivered a F5 to Cena.

Back to Laurinaitis.

Please welcome the new face of the WWE, the man who will face John Cena at Extreme Rules and bring legitimacy back to the WWE, Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar comes out. He heads into the ring. Cole makes mention of Lesnar’s UFC career.

Lesnar shakes Laurinaitis’ hand and is given the microphone.

Lesnar says that he’d like to thank Mr. John Laurinaitis for having the wisdom to bring legitimacy back to the WWE.

John Cena comes out and smirks as he makes his way into the ring.

As he enters the ring and goes up to Lesnar, the camera catches him saying that he never got the chance to thank Lesnar for last week. He then slaps Lesnar in the face. Lesnar immediately tackles Cena down and lands a punch to the face. As they fight it out, referees and officials run into the ring and try to pull the two apart. Soon all the WWE Superstars head into the ring and they all try to separate Cena and Lesnar. They get separated momentarily before Lesnar breaks free and goes after Cena. The entire locker room is separating the two, and we catch an image of Cena with a busted lip. The two remain separate until Cena breaks free and goes after Lesnar. Everyone starts pulling them off each other once more. It looks like things are calming down when Lesnar suddenly scrambles for Cena yet again. Finally Cena is held down and Lesnar is pulled out of the ring. Cena can be seen smiling while Brock walks away from the ring with a smile of his own.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, and we get a replay of Lesnar and Cena brawling and being separated by pretty much everyone on Raw.

Backstage in Mr. Laurinaitis’ office, the GM yells at Teddy Long.

It’s his fault that Cena got out there. Did he not tell him to contain John Cena? Yes or no?

Teddy says he did.

Did he contain him? Obviously not. He needs to go to John Cena right now and he wants an explanation for what happened from Cena. Now get out of here!

Laurinaitis turns to Otunga.

Can he believe that? He cannot believe it. This is not the way you start things off.

Someone taps Laurinaitis on the shoulder. He turns around and it’s Eve.

Eve says they haven’t had a chance to talk since WrestleMania.

He says it’s a little hectic for him right now, so let’s make an appointment and do a one on one up in Stanford. Okay?

Eve says he has her number. Why doesn’t he call her?

Eve leaves and Laurinaitis goes back to talking with Otunga.

Back at ringside, Brodus Clay and United States Champion Santino Marella come out and head to the ring together for a tag team match.

Vickie Guerrero then comes out.


She is here to introduce to them the greatest tag team in the universe -EXCUSE ME- “The All American American” Jack Swagger and “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler!

Swagger and Ziggler come out and head to the ring for their match.

[Match #1]
[Tag Team Match]
[Brodus Clay & Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler]

The bell sounds. Santino and Dolph start things off for their teams. Santino goes for a single leg takedown, but Dolph simply rolls Santino into a crucifix pin for a one count. Santino gets up and eggs Ziggler on. Ziggler performs the single leg takedown on Santino and pins for a one count. Santino gets up again and this time Ziggler kicks him in the gut. Ziggler runs the ropes and Santino catches him with an arm drag into an arm bar. Ziggler gets up as Santino twists the arm and punches him off. Ziggler tags in Swagger. He enters the ring and Santino tags in Brodus. Brodus tells Swagger to come at him. Swagger goes for a couple right hands but they’re blocked easily. He then charges forward and Brodus knocks him down with a clothesline. He whips Swagger into the ropes, drops to one knee and lands a punch to the gut. He follows it up with a running knee to the face. Clay grabs Swagger and goes for the T-Bone suplex, but Swagger knocks him back with elbows to the head. Swagger goes off the ropes. Brodus goes for a clothesline and Swagger ducks it. On the rebound Swagger dives forward and clips Brodus’ leg knocking him off his feet. Swagger runs the ropes again and knocks Brodus down with a flying shoulder tackle. He covers for a one count. Swagger puts Brodus’ head against the middle rope and starts choking him out.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back, and Ziggler and Santino are back in the ring. Ziggler drops an elbow on Santino and gets a two count. Santino tries to tag Brodus but Ziggler grabs the leg and pulls him back to his corner. He tags Swagger in. Swagger with a double axe handle across the back of Santino while Ziggler exits the ring. Swagger sits Santino up and pulls his arms back while pressing his knee against his back. A few seconds later he applies a chickenwing submission and keeps Santino grounded. Santino gets to his feet and a few punches are able to keep Swagger off of him. Santino runs the ropes and Swagger catches him in a back body drop, but Santino hangs on and reaches out to tag Brodus back in. Swagger holds him back and slams him down for a two count. He pulls Santino back to his corner and tags Ziggler back in. Ziggler presses his boot against Santino’s face until a forced break is made. Ziggler taunts Brodus before picking up Santino, and Santino tags Ziggler in a small package for a two count. Both men are up at the same time but Ziggler catches Santino with a running clothesline for another two count. Ziggler applies a crossface submission, but it’s not locked in properly and Santino snapmares Ziggler over. He tags in Brodus. Brodus heads in and knocks Ziggler down with two clotheslines and a headbutt to the chest. He picks Ziggler up and hits a fallaway slam. Brodus runs off the ropes and hits a big splash to Ziggler for the three count.

[Winners via Pinfall: Brodus Clay & Santino Marella]

Brodus, Santino, and the dancers celebrates by dancing in the ring.

Back in John Laurinaitis’ office, Miz is telling John how much he believes in him.

Laurinaitis says that he knows he owes him for WrestleMania. He has big plans for him, but tonight’s a bit crazy. Let’s talk next week.

Miz says no problem and leaves. Teddy Long shows up.

Laurinaitis yells at Teddy and asks him where he’s been. He’s been waiting a half hour. He gives him a job and a direction and he doesn’t follow it. Where’s John Cena?

Teddy apologizes, but Cena shows up seconds later and pats Laurinaitis on the shoulder.

What is it he wanted? Legitimacy. That’s what he’s looking for. He thinks he’s some sort of actor who doesn’t want to get hit to ruin his money maker. You’ve got the wrong guy. That guy just left. When he says he loves this, it’s because he loves to hit and be hit, but what did he do? He had to go out and get a wrecking machine. A giant who can’t be stopped. He had to get Brock Lesnar to face him at Extreme Rules because he wants to put him out of business? Jack, he’s just getting warmed up! He’ll handle his business at Extreme Rules. You know what, boss? Normally when he sees blood he gets all scared. Would probably give him the night off, right? He wants to compete tonight. He can pick his opponent. Any time. Any place. How’s that for legit?

Cena walks away.

Laurinaitis commands Teddy to tell David Otunga that he’s facing Cena tonight.

Teddy goes to leave, but Laurinaitis stops him.

Look at him when he’s talking! Tell David that he’ll be out there with him. Go tell him!

Teddy leaves and Laurinaitis texts on his phone.

Meanwhile, backstage, Santino Marella walks down the hallway and asks Tyler Rex and Curt Hawkins if they’ve seen The Three Stooges. They don’t know and they don’t care. Santino waves them off and asks backstage crew if they’ve seen them. He can’t wait to see them because he’s a very big fan.

A clip is shown of last week on Raw when Henry gave Punk the World’s Strongest Slam after their match. Coming soon, Henry gets his rematch with Punk for the WWE Championship.

-Commercial Break-

Back, and another video is shown of the Cena/Lesnar brawl earlier tonight.

Meanwhile, Santino is still searching for the Stooges. He turns acorner and sees Kane standing against a wall. Kane stares at him. Santino asks him if he’s seen The Three Stooges. Kane doesn’t say anything and Santino runs for it.

Back at ringside, R-Truth comes out. He heads into the ring for a match.

Cody Rhodes come out and heads to the ring as his opponent.

[Match #2]
[Singles Match]
[R-Truth vs. Cody Rhodes]

The bell sounds. Cody and Truth grapple. Truth with a side headlock. Cody goes against the ropes and pushes Truth off. Truth knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. He runs the ropes, Cody flips onto his stomach and Truth jumps over him. Cody goes for the leapfrog but Truth sticks to the ropes and knocks Cody down with a clothesline. Truth waits for Cody to get up. Rhodes goes for a clothesline of his own, but Truth ducks it and catches Cody with a hard right. He grabs Cody and whips him into the ropes. Truth goes for a back body drop but Cody drops to his back and catches Truth with a jab to the throat. He then lifts Truth up and drops him with an Alabama Slam.

Big Show suddenly comes out. He’s wearing a suit and holding the Intercontinental Championship. He says he’s got something to show Cody.

The TitanTron shows last week on Raw when Cody was facing Kofi. Big Show came out and showed Cody a slideshow of Cody getting knocked out by Big Show at WrestleMania. Distracted, Kofi catches him with Trouble in Paradise and wins.

Cody, now angry, turns to Truth and picks him up. Truth suddenly catches Cody with the Little Jimmy and covers for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: R-Truth]

Show heads backstage with a smile on his face while Cody looks on with embarrassment.

Backstage, Santino is still looking around for the Stooges when he comes across a giant box marked “Fragile”. That sounds Italian…

He sniffs it.

He thinks it’s a care package sent to him from Calabria. Somebody give him something to open it with!

He finds a crowbar on the ground and prys open the box. Out come The Three Stooges.

Larry says his neck is out. Moe slaps him. How’s that?

Curly says he never got his in flight meal? Moe gives him a knuckle sandwich.

Santino looks on with excitement and asks them what they’re doing here.

Moe says they’re doing a promotional tour for their new movie, The Three Stooges, which opens this Friday April 13th.

Larry says the studio asked if they wouldn’t mind being shipped up to D.C. for WWE Raw.

Curly says they said “soitenly”. Then they woke up in that box.

Santino asks what they have planned for the WWE audience tonight.

Moe asks Larry what’s the plan and slaps him. Larry asks Curly what’s the plan and slaps him. Curly ask Santino what’s the plan and slaps him. Santino slaps all three of them.

They come all the way over here and they don’t have plans?

Larry says he was planning on catching up with the WWE Divas, exchange some hair tips, maybe take them out for Chinese. See where things end up.

Moe tells him to see how this ends up and bops him on the head.

Santino says he likes that move. Can he borrow it sometime?

Moe says sure and asks if he can show him that cobra move.

Santino show Moe how to do the Cobra and Moe copies him, but then modifies it into a two finger poke. He calls it the “Moebra” and pokes Curly in the eyes. Curly falls into the pile of Styrofoam peanuts.

Santino says that’s impressive, and he looks forward to seeing what they have planned for tonight. Good luck!

Santino leaves.

Larry says to quit horsing around, they’ve gotta come up with something to do for the WWE Universe.

Moe says the muskrat’s right. Think!

They head back inside the box and think.

Moe says wait a minute…they gotta think outside the box!

They head out of the box and walk away.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, and Lord Tensai comes out along with his “deshi” Sakamoto. He heads to the ring.

His opponent, Yoshi Tatsu, is already in the ring. The story behind the match is that on Twitter Yoshi challenged Tensai because he is offended by him.

[Match #3]
[Singles Match]
[Lord Tensai vs. Yoshi Tatsu]

The bell rings. Tensai grabs Yoshi and drives a few back hand chops to the side of the head. He then drops a leg across Yoshi’s arm. Tensai lifts Yoshi up. Tatsu tries to chop Tensai, but Tensai jabs him in the throat. He grabs Yoshi, puts him in a corner and heabutts him a dozen times. Tensai picsk Yoshi up and lands a delayed double underhook suplex followed by a senton splash. He waits for Yoshi to get up before hitting him with a running splash into the turnubckle. He then hits half a dozen elbows to the head, pulls Yoshi to the center of the ring and hits a two handed choke bomb. Yoshi is out cold. The referee stops the match and awards it to Tensai.

[Winner via Knockout: Lord Tensai]

Afterwards, Tensai spits mist into the air and applies the Iron Claw submission to Yoshi’s head before slamming it against the mat.

A clip is shown of last week on Raw when Jericho smashed a whiskey bottle over Punk’s head.

Up next, Punk defends the WWE Championship against Mark Henry.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back, and another clip is shown of last week when Jericho poured the whiskey over Punk and smashed the bottle over his head.

Punk comes out and heads into the ring with the WWE Championship. He grabs the microphone from Justin Roberts.

He says he wants to come out and break the silence that’s been surrounding him the past week. He understands that straight edge isn’t a concept that everybody gets. He’s heard it his entire life. He’s heard “it’s just one drink, Punk” or “it’s just one cigarette, what’s the big deal?” and he understands that. He sees that point of view, but straight edge is a personal choice. It wasn’t a choice he made to fit in or be cool because for half his life it made him exactly the opposite. It wasn’t a choice he ever made to be trendy. It’s a choice he made because it’s exactly that; it is a way of life. He comes out here time and time again and tells them how proud he is to be straight edge, but the reasons he is straight edge is something he always held close to the vest. He kept it private for a couple reasons. For one, it’s nobody else’s business. Number two, who cares why he’s straight edge? He never wanted anybody to feel sorry for him, and he never wanted to make excuses for himself. He told himself a long time ago he would make it to the top of the WWE. And he told himself if he made it to the top it’s because he’s the best damn wrestler in the world.

Then along comes Chris Jericho. He comes back and gets in Punk’s head by saying HE’S the best wrestler in the world. When that doesn’t work, he decides to destroy the privacy he fought his entire life to keep. He tells the world his father is an alcoholic. He makes up lies about his sweet little sister saying she has a drug abuse problem. He defrocks his mother and says that he’s a bastard. And at WrestleMania when his plan didn’t work, when STILL none of the things he used to get under his skin got under his skin, he beat him. No, at WrestleMania he made Chris Jericho tap out! Chris Jericho takes it one step further. Jericho takes it one step beyond. One step too far. Last week, right out here, he pours whiskey all over his body and he smashes a bottle over the back of his head. And as he lays there, in and out of consciousness, struggling to regain some semblance of where he was, he wasn’t thinking how bad he was hurt or if he was able to go on this international tour in two weeks. One thought was in his head. That thought was…he smelled exactly like his father did.

Punk pauses and leans against the ropes.

That smell that would punch him in the face every time his dad got home from work. Or every time he picked him up from little league, or-

Jericho then appears on the TitanTron.

Hey Punk! Punk! That’s quite the story he’s telling, but what’s the matter with him? He looks a little green around the gills. Is he still hung over? Is that what’s going on here? He knows it’s hard to get that first taste of alcohol out of his mouth, but he’s sure he’ll get used to it. He’s very sure. And maybe he’s a little shocked how easy it was to unleash the demon alcohol gene that’s running through his veins. The one he inherited from his dear old daddy. He also looks a bit shaky. Is he tipsy? Still? Is the WWE Universe witnessing CM Punk in the middle of his first bender?

Punk says no Chris, it’s not any of those things. What they’re witnessing is him-

What does he mean it’s not any of those things? Please. He’s simply in denial. What he has to learn is that the first of twelve steps of an alcoholic’s recovery is admitting that he’s powerless to alcohol. That it’s taking control of his life, that his life is unmanageable. That’s what’s going on. He sees it. It’s what all these wannabes see right now. They don’t see a World Champion. They don’t see the best in the world. They see a pathetic, living, breathing loser. Punk, face the facts. When he broke his lifelong vow of sobriety on Raw, he didn’t just force him to have his first taste of alcohol. He forced him to understand what it feels like, for the very first time, to be CM Drunk.

Punk says nothing at first. He then looks at his championship, and back at Jericho.

He says the only thing Jericho broke last week was a bottle. He can’t break him! He can bring up all these memories and emotions, yeah they come flooding back, but guess what his failure is? Not realizing that he just made the biggest mistake of his life. This dark place he sent him to? He’s going to use it, and he’s going to channel it, and he’s going to ball up his fists, and every single bad memory he has and every single crummy emotion that courses through his veins will be used against him. And he’s coming after him from this dark place! This is no longer about him being the best in the world. This is about him kicking his ass!

Mark Henry comes out. He heads into the ring as Punk’s opponent.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back, and the match is about to start.

[Match #4]
[WWE Championship Match]
[CM Punk(c) vs. Mark Henry]

The bell sounds. punk runs towards Henry and drives punches and knees to Henry. He hits a spin kick and runs the ropes for a clothesline, but Henry stands. Punk goes off the ropes again and Henry clotheslines Punk. Punk rolls out of the ring and goes over to the announce table. Henry heads out after him and Punk nails Henry in the stomach with a television monitor. He the slams the monitor against Henry’s head and gets disqualified.

[Winner via Disqualification: Mark Henry]

Punk grabs the monitor and climbs up to the apron. He looks ready to drop the monitor on Henry again but Jericho suddenly appears on top of the ramp holding two cases of beer. Punk looks over at him and the distraction last long enough for Henry to grab Punk and pull him off the apron. He slams Punk’s back into the apron before tossing him back in the ring. He heads inside, grabs Punk and drops the World’s Strongest Slam on him. Henry lifts Punk up and hits a second World’s Strongest Slam. Jericho simply watches from ringside. Henry yells at Punk and exits the ring while Jericho steps in. Jericho takes out a can of beer and pops the top. He goes to pour it, but Punk fights back with a kick and tackles him down. Jericho shoves him back. Punk goes right after him and Jericho nails the Codebreaker. Jericho takes his jacket off and drops to a knee. He grabs another can of beer, pops it open and pours the alcohol onto Punk.

You see what happens? Drink it in!

He continues to pour beer after beer over Punk.

It’s all for him! Drink it in, you stupid idiot! He wants another drink? This one’s for his father!

He pours an entire case of beer over Punk before referee head into the ring and try to keep Jericho off of him. Punk starts moving again, and he uses the ropes to get to his feet while Jericho flings beer at him. He turns around and Jericho hits a second Codebreaker. Jericho exits the ring, grabs the WWE Championship and holds it up with a big smile on his face before tossing the title into the ring. Punk is left out cold.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, and Zack Ryder comes out. He head into the ring for a match.

Justin Roberts introduces Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.

Del Rio comes out driving a 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG and heads to the ring as his opponent.

A clip is shown of last week on Smackdown when Alberto beat Sheamus by disqualification due to a bad call by the referee. Sheamus hits the ref with a Brogue Kick.

[Match #5]
[Singles Match]
[Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder]

The bell rings. Alberto kicks Ryder in the stomach and lands a volley of punches to the head. He hits a running kick and covers for a two count. Alberto with a snapmare followed by a dropkick for a one count. Alberto brings Ryder into the turnbuckle and kicks him against the corner. He then grabs Ryder’s arm and twists it behind his back. The referee makes him break. Alberto charges and Ryder catches him with knees to the face. Alberto falls into the bottom turnbuckle pad giving Ryder the perfect opportunity to connect with the Broski Boot. Ryder backs up and gets ready to hit Rough Ryder. Del Rio is up and Ryder runs forward, but Alberto manages to lift Ryder up and over causing him to hit the turnbuckle pad face first. Ryder stumbles into Del Rio who grabs him and applies the cross arm breaker submission. Seconds later Ryder taps out.

[Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio]

Backstage, the Stooges are walking down the hallway still trying to come up with a plan.

Moe tells them that if they don’t come up with an idea and quick they’re done for.

Larry wonders if they have pretzel bites…with cheese.

Moe slaps them both.

Curly says he’s got an idea. It’s colossal! It’s stupendous! It’s gonna be pandemonium! He’ll meet them out there.

Curly runs off. Moe grabs Larry by the nose and drags him to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, and Just Roberts introduces The Three Stooges.

Moe and Larry comes out and run down to the ring with Moe still holding Larry’s nose. He tosses Larry into the ring and follows after him. Larry and Moe are given microphones and say hello.

Moe says thanks for having them out here at WWE Raw.

Moe asks Larry where that skillet head is.

Larry says he’s getting changed.

Getting changed? Well he better-

Hulk Hogan’s theme song starts to play. Curly comes out dressed like Hogan. He does a few Hogan poses before heading to the ring.

Moe asks him what he thinks he’s doing!

Curly says don’t worry, these are his people. This is the WWE Universe, he can speak their language.

Moe says he looks the part, but his voice is too high. Stick your tongue out!

Curly sticks his tongue out and Moe smacks it. It somehow makes Curly sounds like Hogan.

“That hurt, brother!”

Curly proceeds to cut a promo.

“Let me tell you something, dude! You got a lot of movies out there, brother. But there’s only one movie that all my Hulkamaniacs big and small want to see in the theater this Friday the 13th, brother, and that’s The Three Stooges, dude! And when The Three Stooges pick up their box office competition and SLAM them right down through the mat, just like he did Andre The Giant at WrestleMania 3 in front of 93,173 screaming Hulkamaniacs in Pontiac Michigan in the Pontiac Silverdome, brother! It’s gonna be pandemonium, dude! So what ‘cha gonna do, Hulkamanaics, when The Three Stooges and the largest arms in the world run wild on you!!!”

Kane comes out and the Stooges huddle in terror. Kane enters the ring. They circle around Kane. Once Kane makes the turnbuckles erupt Moe and Larry exits the ring and run for it. Curly tries to “Hulk up”, but Kane simply grabs him and chokeslams him before leaving.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is standing with Mark Henry. He asks Henry if he has an explanation for his actions against CM Punk earlier tonight.

Henry says he does have an explanation. Last week he beat CM Punk by count out. This week he beat CM Punk by disqualification. And from talking to John Laurinaitis, next week, no disqualification, no count out. Know what that means? That means he’s looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back, and another clip is shown of the Cena/Lesnar brawl.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is now standing with Brock Lesnar.

He asks Brock if he’s proud to be back in WWE?

Proud? He’s proud of everything he does. Here’s a little story. Eight years ago he left this company. He was WWE Champion. Took the company to new heights. Then he went to the UFC and became the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world. Their success was on my blood, sweat, and tears. Proud? Damn right he’s proud. He’s proud that Johnny Laurinaitis had the wisdom to bring Lesnar back to the WWE and put him at the top exactly where he belong. A guy like John Cena? He thinks he’s at the top. He could never hold his jockstrap in a million years, and he just proved that. He knocked his pretty little mouth on his pretty little face. He’s not here to make any friends. He’s a war machine. An ass kicker. And a proud one at that. But he’s not as proud as the WWE suits and ties and all these fans are to have him back.

Lesnar leaves.

A video package is shown of WWE Superstars giving their thoughts and reactions to the Undertaker/Triple H Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania.

Back at ringside, David Otunga comes out along with John Laurinaitis and heads to the ring for his match.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the final break of the show. Otunga is in the ring.

John Cena comes out. He heads into the ring for his match.

[Match #6]
[Singles Match]
[John Cena vs. David Otunga]

The bell sounds. They tie up. Cena gets behind Otunga. Otunga grabs Cena’s arm and applies an arm lock. Cena arm drags him off. The two pause before circling one another and grappling again. Otunga with a side headlock. He keeps it on before Cena rolls him off. They pause again and Cena goes for another grapple, but Otunga kicks him. Cena goes into a turnbuckle corner and Otunga stomps him against the corner. The referee backs him off and Cena retaliates with punches of his own. He slams Otunga into a turnbuckle before whipping him into the opposite end. Cena with a running splash attempt, but Otunga moves out of the way. Otunga unloads with right hands and then drops a couple rope assisted elbows on Cena. Otunga with clubbing blows to Cena’s chest. Otunga picks Cena up and punches him back down. He waits for Cena to turn around and clotheslines him. Otunga poses for a bit before picking Cena up and punching him down again. Otunga whips Cena into the turnbuckle and hits a clothesline followed by a running shoulder tackle for a two count. Otunga with a sleeper hold submission. Cena gets to his feet and tries to fight off, but Otunga knees Cena in the gut and pummels him to the mat. Otunga starts posing again allowing Cena to recover.

Otunga turns around and Cena lands punches to the head and chest. Otunga goes for a clothesline but misses. Cena off the ropes and hits two shoulder tackles. Another clothesline misses and Cena hits the spin out powerbomb. Cena runs the ropes and hits five knuckle shuffle. He waits for Otunga to get up and hits the Attitude Adjustment. He then wraps Otunga in the STF submission and Otunga taps out.

[Winner via Submission: John Cena]

Cena celebrates, but then Lesnar runs into the ring and hits Cena with a low blow from behind. He waits for Cena to get up, lifts him onto his shoulders and hits the F5. Lesnar, just like last week, stands over Cena with a smile on his face. Laurinaitis looks on from outside with a smile on his face as well. Lesnar leaves the ring looking proud as the show comes to an end.

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