The Miz Wants To Face LeBron James At 'Mania, Takes Shot At Ultimate Warrior

The Miz sat down with Metro in a “no holds barred” interview to discuss the Royal Rumble, idols, music, his reality television background, the best thing he ever received from a fan and more. When asked who he would choose to face at WrestleMania if it could be anyone, he replied NBA star LeBron James.

“I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. LeBron said he was going to bring an NBA Championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland suck at most sports, but finally we had this basketball savior, and what does he do? Backstabs us and goes to Miami Heat! Miami is where Wrestlemania will be, so I’d like to face him,” he says.

The Miz also revealed that his favorite wrestling stars growing up were Ultimate Warrior and The Rock.

“When I watch his matches now I go ‘oh those were disgusting’, but growing up it had to be Ultimate Warrior,” The Miz says. “I used to put streamers on my arms as a kid, run around with his make-up on me driving my mum nuts. Then in the Attitude era it had to be The Rock.”

The full interview is available here.

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