Update On Jim Ross’ Status With WWE

After getting relieved of his announcing duties by John Laurinaitis on RAW, Jim Ross wrote the following on witter status with WWE:

“Let’s get something straight. I hired Laurinaitis in WWE when he had NO job. I helped him prep 4 his job & I remained an EVP in another dept

I’m not going to Smackdown or PPVs. I’m done as best that I know. Might do some Roundtable type stuff. My services aren’t required weekly.

1 more time..I’m fired from wk’ly tv. Our products are still being sold at WWEshop.com because it’s good business. Thx 4 support.”

As we reported on the site earlier this week, Jim Ross did not know he was going to be fired prior to it happening on live television in front of his wife who was at ringside and his hometown crowd in Oklahoma.

While Jim Ross is off television, he’ll still be working with the company. He is headed to WWE headquarters next week to tape the next edition of the Legends Roundtable show.

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