RAW Report 10/24/11 Respect? Really? Really?

This first post Vengeance RAW starts with music and pyro.

King and Cole discuss how astounding Vengeance was with the superplex off the corner causing Big Show and Henry to break the ring. Cena and ADR fought in the broken ring, until Miz and R-Truth attacked. Also, earlier in the PPV Nash attacked Trip.

Trip’s music and he stalks out to the ring looking very stiff and even more pissed. Cole tells us how to follow RAW on Twitter, then Trip’s music stops and the chants fill the arena for him! Trip says it’s a tough business and he was taught really early, all the way back to Killer. You can make friends or make money. He lived by that, but thought he was lucky. He not only had success and made money, but he had friends. Guys he thought he could count on when the lights went off. People he always thought of as true friends. HBK: huge pop. Sean Waltman: small rumbling. Kevin Nash: heat. Somewhere along the way, he doesn’t know what happened. Money, position, power, then the friends were there for a reason. He thought Nash was there for his whole life. Nash came back and it all changed. What he wanted changed. Business, money, power, it all changed. Wolfpac sign and Trip looks at his hand. He thought it was forever but he came and tried to break his neck. He’s not worried about his neck. It night sound corny, Nash broke his heart. Now he wants to take it out on Nash. He’s known Nash for 20 years and knows Nash is there. If the past 20 years meant anything, get to the ring. No talking, no discussion. He’s going to kick Nash’s ass. More chants for Trip. Trip yells at Nash to be a man for once in his life.

Laurinaitis comes out and says he heard a rumor that Nash was in Austin, but also that Nash was at home. Trip yells at Laurinaitis to shut up. Laurinaitis on the apron and Trip tells him to not go through the ropes or he’ll regret it. Laurinaitis doesn’t want to embarrass the company. Trip tells him to shut up. Laurinaitis still reports to Trip. Laurinaitis will be the guy who scours the building for Nash and brings him to Trip. If Laurinaitis doesn’t want to embarrass the company. He’ll find Nash, even at his house, bring him back and offer him a contract. If Laurinaitis doesn’t, then Trip will find Nash at his house, airport, mall and he will get arrested and embarrass the company. So Laurinaitis will find Nash, give him a huge contract and bring him to Trip.

Trip leaves the ring as Laurinaitis begs him to be reasonable. On the apron Trip yells back and Laurinaitis. While his back is turned, Nash attacks Trip from behind with a sledge. Laurinaitis up on stage yelling at Nash to get out of there, he’s not under contract. Security shows, but Nash finally leaves. Laurinaitis calls people out to check on Trip who’s twitching on the top of the ramp.

Camera follows Nash backstage as he stalks through with sledge in hand. People make way for Nash.

Trip brought to the back. He pushes people away, but then falls to the floor twitching. They call for paramedics.

> Commercial

Cole talks about Nash attacking Trip. Trip’s been taken to a medical facility. Nash and Trip were the best of friends and Nash broke his heart. Video of Nash’s attack on Trip and Laurinaitis telling Nash to leave. Nash looked like a cornered animal as he left the stage.

Backstage they were loading Trip into the ambulance Nash showed up and told them to leave Trip. Nash took Trip off the stretcher, still on the back board and leaned him against some boxes. Security came and Nash threatened them with the sledge. Nash nailed Trip in the head, then finally a group swarmed Nash and got him away from Trip. Trip fell to the floor. They checked to make sure he had a pulse and was breathing. They then reloaded Trip onto the stretcher as Laurinaitis was yelling to Trip how sorry he was.

> Commercial

The ambulance is leaving the arena. Again video of Nash’s first attack on Trip on the stage. Then video of Nash’s attack backstage.

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs Christian & Cody Rhodes

Orton’s music and he comes out to the ring. Sheamus out to join Orton. Christian out, but slowly on the ramp. Cody out to join him.

Orton and Christian start, kick to Orton’s gut, then Orton started limping a bit. Orton whipped and comes out with a huge clothesline. Back body drop on Christian, then Orton stomps around Christian. King says it has to be ‘vintage’ Orton. Sheamus tags in. Orton sends Christian running the ropes, right into Sheamus’ shoulder block over the top ala Hernandez. Christian reverses on Sheamus and slaps him. Cody in and eats a back body drop. Through the rope forearms on Cody’s chest. Clothesline to Cody. Sheamus to the apron, then launches off at Christian, taking him down.

Back in the ring Cody stomps and works over Sheamus for two. Chinlock on Sheamus in the center of the ring.

> Commercial

Christian with his foot under Sheamus’ chin as his head hangs off the apron. Sheamus starts fighting back. Christian sets up for his finisher, but the slammed to the mat. Cole says #greatwhite is trending on Twitter right now.

Orton gets the tag and in on Christian. Clothesline, then that sick powerslam. Orton again takes Christian down hard for two. Orton sets up for his DDT, but Christian free and hangs Orton up top. Christian misses his upper cut from out there, but Orton grabbed him in hit his DDT! Orton readies for Christian, but Cody from behind. Orton grabs Cody, but Cody pushes out of the RKO. Christian works on Orton in a corner, then a flying shoulder. Cody tags in and stomps on Orton. A big blow to Orton’s head. More blows to Orton as the fans chant for him. Drop kick takes Orton to the mat. Christian tags in and chin hold on Orton while grinding his forearm across Orton’s face.

Christian on the second ropes, but flies into a drop kick from Orton. Both Orton and Christian tag out. Sheamus on Cody hard, slams him into a corner, then a knee lift. Irish curse backbreaker on Cody for two. Christian distracts and Cody ducks the brogue kick. Cody kicks Sheamus, then distracts the ref. Christian on Sheamus, then Orton in. Christian eats an RKO. Christian from the ring, then Cody sends Orton out of the ring right next to Christian. Cody tries to slingshot as Sheamus tries a brogue kick. Both were obviously botched. Cody up for the Celtic cross and Sheamus gets the three.

Winners – Orton & Sheamus

both into the ring to pose for the fans, Orton rubbing his ribs. Video of the high points of the Match.

Cole talks about how Awesome Truth got involved in the Last Man Standing Match at Vengeance. They beat Cena down for nine, but ADR used the strap to Cena’s head for the ten.

Laurinaitis on the phone saying that Trip is okay. Steph then blames Laurinaitis for the attack. Otunga is there for Laurinaitis. Cena in and tells Otunga to go back to Belaire and tell Hillary she’s still hot. Cena then talks to Laurinaitis about following Zack Ryder on Twitter, leaving for two weeks, then quit. Third, give him a legitimate Match against Miz and R-Truth. Cena has them and Laurinaitis will pick Cena’s partner. Cena says as long and Laurinaitis’ not carrying a skateboard, then Cena will be okay.

Promo for the Muppets on Raw for Halloween.

> Commercial

Santino vs Dolph w/ Vickie & Swagger

Santino in the ring in different gear and his hair is different. Dolph and crew out to the ring. They need a name, something better than Swiggler.

Santino is kicking at Dolph being silly, then taking Dolph hard and fast for an arm toss. Santino sets up for the corba and Dolph flees, then punches Santino. Dolph in and stomping Santino. Dropkick to Santino. Swagger getting heat outside. Santino ducks with a split, then hits his him toss. Head butt to Dolph’s sternum, but Dolph with a zig/zag for three. Santino holds his head, but appears to be laughing.

Winner: Dolph

They continue beating on Santino, so Ryan out to protect his new funny friend. Swagger gets slammed by Ryan before fleeing.

Backstage the Bellas are talking, then Ryder comes along. He’s all excited to be tagging with Cena later. They give him props for this as he goes by.

> Commercial

Justin announces Ricardo and his black eye. ADR comes out in a 2009 Maserati. ADR into the ring. He calls the fans idiots for thinking Cena would win last night. The last man standing was ADR. Cena was lying on the floor like a dying dog. He’s proved that he’s the better man. He’s done with Cena. He had his chance and lost, so he’s moving on to new challengers. Problem is there’s no one better than ADR in the WWE. Get used to seeing ADR as Champion for a long, long, long time.

Punk’s music hits and out he comes. ADR is pissed and Punk smirking. The fans start chanting for Punk. Punk says he thought he heard ADR say no one can beat him. Punk’s beaten ADR many times. The last time he beat ADR was four weeks ago on RAW. ADR might not remember is that Punk never received his one on one Title shot after ADR cashed in. He have the cajones to put the Title on the line against Punk. ADR says he’ll defend against any worth opponent. Punk’s not worthy. He didn’t even win last night. Losers don’t get Title shots. Why not go see ADR when he’s got a win. Right now Punk’s at the back of the line, amigo. Huge chants for Punk. Punk says ADR brings up great points, Punk would love to subscribe to his newsletter. Maybe he doesn’t deserve the Title shot, back of the line, maybe a loser. Maybe if he doesn’t get a Title shot, Punk will put him to sleep anyway.

Laurinaitis out saying that maybe when Trip was in charge, but not on his watch. Again, when he gets to the ring, he introduces himself. Punk steps up, tells Laurinaitis that if he actually held the mic here ( Punk moved the mic up), then people would actually hear Laurinaitis. The fans love this! Laurinaitis says they both make good points. He gives the Universe what they want, so ADR versus Punk for the Title at SS. Punk wants to know the catch? Handicap Match? Ricardo the guest ref? Laurinaitis with his majestic voice as the ring announcer. Laurinaitis needs one thing from Punk. Punk asks if Laurinaitis needs his skateboard re-gritted? New bearings for the wheels? Laurinaitis says he knows Punk doesn’t like him. He’s not playing as the Executive VP of Talent Relations, he is. Laurinaitis wants Punk to say he respects Laurinaitis.

Punk knows Laurinaitis doesn’t respect Punk because he doesn’t wear suits or toe the company line? Talk about respect, it’s earned, not given. When Laurinaitis is in charge it’s not tight. Rings breaking, Nash attacking. No better than when Trip was in charge. Laurinaitis demands Punk say it. “I respect you Funk Man!” Laurinaitis didn’t like that and gave Punk one more chance to do it. Chants for Punk fill the arena. Punk says he respects him. Respects the fact that he comes out week after week with this awesome, completely lost deer in the headlights look on his face. The fact that Laurinaitis doesn’t know how close to hold the mic when he speaks. Punk respects the fact that Laurinaitis used to compete in that ring with his awesome Kentucky waterfall mullet and was never any good but still ascended to the top of the WWE corporate world showing new found levels of brown nosery, but above all never before has somebody with so little done so much. “I respect you!”

Laurinaitis doesn’t like this and says Punk’s not Champion material, so he’s going to think for a week on it. Punk says while Laurinaitis thinks about it, think about this… Punk attacks ADR, but he gets free when Ricardo attacks Punk. Ricardo gets the GTS for his troubles. Laurinaitis flees before he’s in the line of fire.

> Commercial

Natalya vs Fox

Beth in a pink sequined tank dress to announce as Natalya to the ring. Fox out in black to face Natalya.

Natalya on Fox, but Fox on Natalya with blows. Chop block to Fox, then Natalya on her hard. Natalya slams her head to the mat over and over, then a clothesline. Beth talks about fixing the Diva Division and the criers. Natalya on Fox with a submission, Fox reverses. Kick to Fox’s ribs. Natalya rushes Fox in a corner and eats a foot. Fox then somehow manages to roll Natalya up for three.

Winner: Fox

Kelly and Eve backstage smiling at a monitor. Fox is attacked from behind by Natalya, but Fox is able to flee.

> Commercial

Video for Cena’s new movie out in DVD.

JoMo vs Wade Barrett

JoMo out to the ring in slo-mo. Wade out to face him.
Wade pushes at JoMo, then eats a forearm to the face. Drop kick to Wade. Wade flees the ring. JoMo over the top and out to land on Wade’s back. Back kick to JoMo’s gut, then JoMo into the barrier hard!

> Commercial

Chinlock on JoMo on the mat. JoMo free, then runs into a big boot for two. Wade chokes JoMo on a middle rope, then the top rope. Knees to JoMo’s head, but most missed. Another big boot sends JoMo flying from the ring. JoMo tries to pull to his feet using the ring skirt, but couldn’t. Wade rolls JoMo in and pins for two. Cole is ripping on JR and their Tweeting feud happening now. JoMo whipped, but gets a foot up. Elbow to Wade, then standing dropkick to Wade. Big knee to the face of a sitting Wade for two as a foot is on the rope.

JoMo crawls all over Wade, then down for two. Swinging side slam on JoMo for two. JoMo wiggles free of Wade’s finisher, then hits a side Russian leg sweep. JoMo up for starship pain, Wade moves and JoMo lands on his feet. Wade telegraphs and is kicked. JoMo off the second rope. Wade grabs JoMo on his shoulders, then drops JoMo. Wade picks JoMo back up and hits his finisher on JoMo for three.

Winner – JoMo

Cole and King talk about the attack on Trip by Nash at the start of the show. Laurinaitis out and the wild eyed Nash leaves, but backstage Trip’s attacked again before he was put in the ambulance. King doesn’t know what to say, but the show must go on. King doesn’t understand how Cole can Tweet through the whole show. Cole then gets on the announce table. He says JR is on Twitter chat an says he beat Cole last week. Then he sent out pics to the world. Cole then has horrible, very VKMesque pictures of JR. Cole says he’s done with JR. Next week on RAW in Atlanta will be the Cole Challenge. If JR wins, he can have his seat back because if Cole wins, he quits!

> Commercial

Backstage Josh is with Ryder. Ryder is thrilled for his first RAW main event. Cena’s his bro and Miz and R-Truth can’t fist pump like him. Awesome Truth then attack Ryder and really beat Ryder up. Into one of those screens ADR slammed onto Cena last week, then Miz about punted Ryder’s face off.

Miz has their music cut and says that Trip tried to stop the revolution they started. But look at Trip now! R-Truth says Trip got what he deserved. Miz says they stood up to those trying to keep them down. When they rise up, no one will be safe from the truth. Ryder and Trip found that out. Cena and the Little Jimmies thought they were done last night. The party is just getting started folks, only the beginning. Cena thought the conspiracy would help with that joke of his tag partner. Nothing will save Cena until he’s get got!

Miz promises Cena that he can wear all he dippy motivation phrases he wants but he won’t raise above this (Miz). R-Truth says that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Miz says it’s awesome!

> Commercial

Awesome Truth vs Cena

Justin announces that according to Laurinaitis it’s now a Handicap Match. Cena, again in camo shorts, out to the gloating Miz and R-Truth. Again Cena stands next to a Cena hater for the photo op.

Cena on Miz hard and beats him down in a corner. Snap suplex on Miz. R-Truth tags in and eats blows on R-Truth snap mare on R-Truth, but then Miz tags in, but is slow coming in. Cena catches Miz’s kick and works him over. R-Truth distracts and Miz hits a DDT for two. Both stomp Cena in a corner. Chinlock on Cena on the mat. Cena suplexes free. Miz tags in and on Cena. Kick to a sitting Cena’s face for two.

Cole says Trip has a concussion and neck injury, possibly a broken neck. Cole says he’s trending on Twitter. Miz off the top on Cena. R-Truth in on Cena. Back slam on R-Truth, but R-Truth tags out. Shoulder blocks on Miz, then he’s slammed to the mat. 5 knuckle shuffle on Miz, then Miz up for the AA, but R-Truth in and hits Cena with a water bottle to the head.

Winner: Cena via DQ

They both stay and beat up Cena. SCF on Cena, then R-Truth slams Cena to the mat. Miz and R-Truth both bring chairs into the ring. Laurinaitis comes out and tells them to stop it. They’ve disrespected him the way Punk did tonight. They need to do what everyone there wants them to do, get out! Laurinaitis has the refs walk them out. They get almost to the stage and Laurinaitis says they will be in a legitimate Tag Match. He picked Cena’s partner and it didn’t work. So at SS it will be Miz and R-Truth versus Cena and the partner he chooses.

Cena grabs the mic away from Laurinaitis, then sells the pain a bit. Cena is pissed about the setup. Trip deported, Ryder attacked, anybody on the WWE… “Wait, I can choose anybody I want?” The light comes on. He’s sick of Miz and R-Truth thinking they run this program and not doing this out of friendship. If he’s going to beat Miz and R-Truth, his partner has to be someone who will bring it. “Rocky!” chants. He’s not sure he’ll accept, but he picks the Rock. R-Truth is really not happy about this move. Miz looks annoyed, but even worse was his tan melting down his neck in sweaty lines.

Biggest pop
Rocky (in name only)

Biggest heat
Awesome Truth

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