Paul Bearer Discusses The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak, Recent WWE Run

Highlights of Paul Bearer’s interview this past Monday with Right After Wrestling:

– Paul Bearer will appear during WrestleMania week, signing autographs at Fan Axxess events, and will be featured in the new WWE video game.

– Keeping his return to WWE a secret: “I worked my butt off kayfabing. I hid out all day long – nobody knew I was even in the building. (When we rehearsed) I popped out of the casket and Teddy Long asked “Who’s in the Paul Bearer suit?” I had such a good time.”

– His latest run in WWE: “I had such a good time working with Undertaker and Kane. It took a little bit to talk me into it. They said it would only be a few shots…if it worked out I could stay a little longer and obviously it did. And then I got kidnapped by Edge – and working with Edge and Kane and all those vignettes were directed by Vince, himself. And I was so comfortable working with him right there. And I felt that last month was some of the best work I’d ever done. But that ball (that Edge threw at him in the vignettes) hurt like a bitch! “

– Should Taker’s streak ever be broken: “NO! Absolutely not! Why should it be? It would never happen again. There’s no reason to break it. He’s certainly earned that spot – in his biography – as the Phenom. It’ll never happen again. I would be close to 80 if it ever happened again. Who even knows if he’ll be wrestling at WrestleMania? I don’t.”

– Memories of managing the Undertaker in his first match in pro wrestling in Texas before he was the Undertaker

– Talking about his son who is trying his hand at pro wrestling

– Paul Bearer and the Hall of Fame: “I just say ‘why now’? I’m in no hurry. I worked my ass of and I think I deserve to be inducted one day. The biggest honour I could have is if I am inducted at the same time the Undertaker goes in. That would be the biggest honour for me. “

The full interview is available here.

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