RAW Report 10/18/10 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I want everyone to know that I had VERY minor surgery today and was under anesthesia, so anything wonky could end up in this. This way everyone is forewarned if I go off in a strange and unexpected direction. I doubt I will, but I wanted to be upfront about this before the show even starts.

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Teddy Long out to the ring with mixed reaction. Why’s he there? Because he can. Tonight he’s taking over RAW! Heat from the fans.

Ding-Ding! Cole gets up on the podium with a HUGE grin. “Get out of my ring! Get out of my ring now! You have no business being here!”

He said SD! Vs. RAW this Sunday at Bragging Rights. Long called for the trophy. The RAW GM needs to eat his heart out because it belongs to SD! They laid the smack down on all the RAW Superstars.

Ding-Ding! “Get out of my ring, or else!”

Long asked, “You’re not threatening me, are you dog? Get out of your ring, or else? I’ll show you or else.” Long got out of the ring. He and Cole argue off mics.

Ding-Ding! Long and Cole continue to argue.

Ding-Ding! Cole heads back to the podium, but Long stops him.

Ding-Ding! Long up on the podium and calls for attention please. He says the SD! GM has an announcement to make. Right now the RAW GM will be disconnected. Cole about pitches a fit. Long them announces the winning team for Bragging Rights, but first the SD! Captain. Big Show out to the ring. Edge is next out. Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks and Rey Mysterio.

Miz’s music hits and he stomps out with Riley as Cole is thrilled. Miz asks really? Really? This is the team that’s going to take over RAW? It looks like the Smurf village grew up beside a nuclear power plant. You’ve got Fat Smurf, Rico Suave Smurf, Lispy Smurf, Homeless Smurf and well, Smurfette. Oh wait, that’s Edge. Edge gives an acknowledging nod. Don’t you realize that he was the sole surviving Team RAW member last year? He is RAW’s Team Captain. He’s the man who will lead Team RAW over Team SD! That trophy and everything else will be coming over to the A show. As RAW’s Team Captain, allow him to introduce him team. CM Punk, John Morrison, Santino, Ezekial Jackson, Sheamus. Now, get out of our ring, or we’ll make you get out. Team RAW heads for the ring, team SD! was ready. Big Show head butt many of the RAW boys. Sheamus on Big Show. Edge throws Miz out. Big Show throws Sheamus out. The rest of Team RAW flees. Cole calls it regrouping. Miz tells them to save it for Sunday. Cole is all indignant about team SD! showing up on THEIR show.

Big Show grabs a mic and tells Miz to not go back there and start a bunch of ruckus. He gets it, this is RAW, their ring, SD! will get out willingly on one condition. Miz faces him one on one in a Captain Vs. Captain Match. Riley whispers in Miz’s ear. Big Show makes chicken noises at Miz. Miz is ready to go, tonight. Big Show smiles and his music plays. Cole goes off about Miz leading by example and is awesome! Cole and King both tell Long to go away!

Video of what went down between Cena and Wade last week. Cena faced Miz in a No DQ Match. Riley, Husky and McGillicutty got involved and Cena lost the match. So Cena isn’t on Team RAW. After the match Wade was out getting in Cena’s face and making him back down or be fired. He ripped Cena a new one, called him a coward, yellow bellied, spineless! Cena just walked away.

– Commercial

Drew and Cody in the ring. Hart Dynasty out to face them, Natalya included.

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre Vs. DH Smith & Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya

Kidd and Cody dance around. Kidd goes after Drew with punches to the head, Cody comes after him and is flung off. Kidd back on Drew until Cody grabs him and hit’s a big bulldog. Punches on Kidd. Drew tags in and slams Kidd into a corner. More punches on Kidd. Drew outside, drags Kidd out and slams him into the barrier. Back on the apron with a forearm to the throat. Natalya gets the fans going. Cody tags in. Drew lands kiss up top, Cody takes in down. Cody slams Kidd into a corner. Drew tags in and taunts Kidd. Kidd lands on his feet, avoiding the suplex. Kidd tags out.

Smith hangs Drew up top, then in with clotheslines. Punch to Cody, then a leg drop on Drew for two. Smith gets Drew up and slams him, but Cody broke the corner Kidd takes Cody out. Smith sets up for the Hart attack, but Smith then sets up for the sharpshooter. Kidd and Smith argue. This gives Drew a chance and he finishes Smith for three.

Winners – Cody & Drew

Kidd yells at Natalya about Smith, then stomps up the ramp. Smith out and yells at Natalya about Kidd. She yells back saying they’re a team and to knock it off.

Backstage Cena is taping up. In walks Orton. Face to face, then Orton says they should lay all the cards on the table. He can tell being a part of Nexus is eating him up. But he doesn’t think Cena has a problem helping Wade win the Title. But if he gets in Orton’s way, Orton will kick him in the skull and take him out of his misery. Cena says if Orton even tries to kick him with that leg, he’ll break it off. Cena stomps off leaving Orton looking thoughtful.

– Commercial

Video for R-Truth. They’re telling us the words to his music as he sings them. Then showing him doing some of his signature moves as well as singing and Eve dancing.

Goldust out to the ring with Aksana. Zack Ryder is already in the ring. Cole talks about how Goldust proposed to Aksana to help clear up her deportation issues. Ted and Maryse out on the stage.

Goldust w/ Aksana Vs. Zack Ryder

Zack on Goldust hard. A high knee, then slams him around the ring. Goldust comes back with an upper cut, Zack into a corner, then a final cut and it’s over.

Winner – Goldust

Goldust over to Aksana, but Ted in and attacks. Aksana and Maryse have a tugging war across a corner of the ring. Aksana grabs the strap and runs, Maryse right on her tail – both of them barefooted. They run outback as Ted watches. This gives Goldust the chance he needs and he takes Ted out.

– Commercial

Promo for the WM Reading Challenge.

Backstage Nexus, all smiles. Cena in. Wade tells Cena he wants him to test Husky and McGillicutty, give them all he has. Cena asks to make sure Wade wants him to give these kids his all, Wade’s orders? Wade agrees. Cena says if he doesn’t follow those orders he’s fired? What’s the catch? Wade says he wants Cena to give the fans the Cena they know and love. Now go get him a glass of water. Cena was shocked. Wade said it again. Cena, downtrodden, went off to do it.

Bobb’e J. Thompson playing RAW Vs. SD! He had Big Show beating down Miz. Miz in there and says that’s not what’s going to happen. Bobb’e says Big Show will shut Miz’s big mouth. It’s SD! all the way. Miz picks him up, calls him a twerp, and tells him to tell his giant Knucklehead friend he has a surprise for him. Bigger than a Big Show surprise. Miz turns to hand Bobb’e to Riley, but Big Show takes the boy. Bobb’e smiles as Big Show sets him up on a piece of furniture. Bobb’e talks smack that Miz didn’t scare him. Bobb’e told Big Show to do him a favor, knock that sucker out for him. Big Show says he will, then asks for the controller to show Bobb’e a few things with the game.

Cena brings Wade a glass of water. Wade smirks and asks about it not being so difficult. Wade sips, says he’s really enjoying it. Threw the rest in Cena’s face and says delicious, really delicious. Cena walks off.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Miz Vs. Cena last week. Husky and McGillicutty got involved and cost Cena the match.

Cena out to the ring. Orton out to tag with Cena. McGillicutty and Husky out together. Nexus’ music and the four come out to the stage to watch.

Cena & Orton Vs. Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty

Cena on McGillicutty had with punches, then in a corner. Back slam to McGillicutty in a corner, then whipped, whipped again and a throw off a fisherman’s! Cena yells like crazy up the ramp at Wade and Nexus.

– Commercial

Orton nails McGillicutty with a drop kick for two. Cena tags in, Orton hold McGillicutty for him. Cena hits a cheap shot on Husky and this gave McGillicutty the chance he needs to gain control. Husky tags in and on Cena with punches. Husky sets up in a three point stance and runs at Cena to tackle in a corner. Cena crumbled and Husky pinned for two. McGillicutty tagged in and went to sit up top and hit’s a lovely snap mare, that Cena sold well, for two.

Husky tags in and took Cena down with a forearm for two. Husky locks on an interesting, head/arm hold. A knee to Cena’s spine, then slammed to the mat. Cena rolls out of Husky’s way, avoiding a splash. Both tag out.

Orton with a big clothesline on McGillicutty, then a scream. Another big clothesline, then that sick scoop slam. Orton’s hearing voices! McGillicutty out to the apron and Orton brings him through with that DDT of his. Husky rushes the ring. Orton side steps him and Cena grabs him up top and hits the AA on Husky. RKO on McGillicutty for three.

Winners – Orton & Cena

Both are celebrating. Cena extends his hand to Orton. Orton looks at the hand and Wade yells at Cena to not shake Orton’s hand. He tells Cena to leave the ring. Get out of the ring of he’ll be fired. Wade tells him to stand outside by announce. Now Cena has the best location to witness the demise of the Viper.

Nexus surrounds the ring. Orton looks to Cena, Cena looks down. Orton rushes Otunga and punches him, Slater, Gabriel and Wade into the ring. Slater grabbed and sent vaguely toward a ring post. Orton slides out as Gabriel and Wade close in. Orton grabs Wade’s foot and gets on him, but the rest of Nexus on Orton and then stomp him down. Cena watches, but can’t help. “Cena” chants. Orton sent back into the ring. They really work Orton over in the ring while Cena continues to watch. Cena looks about ready to cry. Huge heat. Otunga and Gabriel get Orton up and Slater takes him down backward. Slater and Gabriel get Orton up and Otunga slams him back. Slater yells out at Cena, pointing at Orton the whole time. Slater and Wade pull Orton over, Gabriel climbs. Gabriel hits his 450 beautifully.

Slater stares out at Cena who looks like he’s been beaten. Wade tells Cena to get in the ring, now. Are you deaf, get in the ring now. Cena looks shaken. Wade tells Cena to pick up Orton and hit an AA, right now. Cena says no. Wade tells him to do it or be fired. He doesn’t want to have to ask him again. Cena struggles Orton onto his shoulder. Wade decides he doesn’t want Cena to steal his spotlight, give Orton to him. Orton up on Wade’s shoulder and he slams Orton to the mat. Cena leaves the ring, glaring at Wade and Nexus the whole time. Cena stalks up the ramp and out. Wade, with a huge smile, Nexus following, heads up the ramp. Orton is in the middle of the ring, barely moving. Next stops on the stage and stares.

– Commercial

Video of Cena and Orton beating Husky and McGillicutty. Then Nexus out and on Orton, Cena had to watch the whole thing. Cena was going to have to hit Orton with an AA, but then Wade wanted the final shot.

Vickie out in a black multi-zippered skirt outfit yelling ‘excuse me!’ She says she’s the official consultant for SD! She’s happy to take credit for Team SD! There’s one special Superstar who has a twinkle in his eye because he only has eyes for her – Dolph Ziggler. He comes out in jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt and slim black blazer. He says, as they walk to the ring, that people confuse his cockiness, but it’s just confidence. He has looks, the shredded physique, the hair, but that’s not all. There’ this beautiful, talented woman and she’s with him. She’s his little ray of sunshine when his skies are gray. She makes his heart go pitter-patter.

He’s cut off by Bryan’s music and smirk. He says he’s not exactly a ladies’ man, but he expects even he could do better than Vickie! The fans love this! Dolph tells Bryan he has no idea what he’s doing. Bryan says, ‘if I can be serious for a minute’ and the place about erupts! Bryan says he’s not shredded, doesn’t have the movie star good looks Dolph does. Dolph says that’s an understatement. Bryan says he doesn’t have the peroxide infested hair. But he does have one thing, the ability to capitalize on any mistake made in that ring. And, the ability to make Dolph tap out! The fans love it! Bryan proposes the Title against Title at Bragging Rights?

Dolph thinks this is funny and accepts. But, why wait until Sunday? Off comes the blazer. Why don’t they do this right – Dolph bitch slaps Bryan. Bryan turns back to go at Dolph, but Vickie steps in front of Dolph to stop Bryan. Bryan runs around Vickie and tackles Dolph through the ropes. Outside Dolph tries to get out through the fans, but Bryan grabs him, locks on his finisher and Dolph taps out!

All of the face Divas, including Kelly come out on the stage. They stomp to the ring en masse. They surround Vickie. It’s the Bellas, Eve, Kim, Melina and Kelly, all in sexy dresses. Vickie is freaked. Kim throws a bucket at her, but it’s full of glitter. They make sure she’s all glittery. Bryan into the ring and through then as they all touch him. They make him stay and he leads them in some dorky dancing as Cole rips him apart verbally. He flips around, then seems to pull a groin. He bounces back dancing closely with each Diva. Looks like Bryan has arrived!

– Commercial

Natalya in the ring. Fox out to the ring to face her.

Natalya Vs. Alicia Fox

They lock up and Natalya gives a clean break, but Fox on her with slaps. Forearms to Natalya, but then Fox is slammed into a corner, then thrown hard. Natalya grabs Fox and locks on the sharpshooter! Fox taps out! Natalya actually won in her ‘home town’? When was the last time that happened?

Winner – Natalya

Of course Lay-Cool came out onto the stage to cause problems. They’re Layla in black boy shorts, McCool in black pants and matching gray vests with straps over their shoulders. McCool says this is such a beautiful moment. Layla says in her hometown. McCool says it’s a beautiful hometown – NOT! They’d love it but it’s so cold outside! They went off on the watered down beer. People eh all the time! There’s Harts everywhere. They don’t belong in the HOF, but the loony bin, just like Natalya. Layla in when McCool distracted. McCool attacks and locks on the sharpshooter while Layla snaps pictures. Natalya gets free. They fight, Natalya getting the upper hand, Lay-Cool fleeing. Natalya’s still ready to fight.

King and Cole talk about Team RAW. They go on about Punk and his first match. Video of Punk taking out Evan Bourne. They finally acknowledged Evan’s injury and surgery.

Backstage Long and Big Show are with Hornswoggle who has a blue painted face and a horned helmet with yellow yarn braids. Long says they’ll do just what they did last year, bring home the trophy. Josh comes in and asks that it’s rather brazen of them to show up on RAW and – Long asks about it being brazen of Josh for interrupting them with such a stupid question. He has another surprise for them. Hornswoggle grabs a SD! flag and leads the whole male locker room out past them. Big Show asks, ‘You feel that, playah?’ the roster continues to file by.

– Commercial

Promo about how in the media and all over the place WWE is. They’re pushing everything great WWE does for so many people. They’re pushing SD! Your Vote! Stand Up for WWE! The end is TV PG! Cole talks about how to Stand Up for WWE! King says to show the world what WWE is all about.

Backstage Cena walks along, but Wade stops him and says he’s not finished with Cena and certainly not finished with Orton.

Split screen Big Show and Miz headed for the ring, leading their boys. Miz has added a big ‘C’ to his shirt to show he’s Team RAW’s Captain.

– Commercial

Justin announces Bobb’e J. Thompson. The kid gets on mic and gets a little heat and calls for more. He acts like a thug. He says he’s there to announce the man who will lead his team to victory this Sunday at Bragging Rights, his man, Big Show! Big Show comes out. Behind him is Hornswoggle with his flag, then the rest of the roster from SD! come out in blue. Big Show hugs Bobb’e, then puts him down. The SD! boys are pumped up.

Miz out with Riley. On the stage Riley stays. Miz to the bottom of the ramp, then he motions and the entire locker room comes out in red.

Big Show w/ SD! Roster Vs. Miz w/ RAW Roster

The RAW Roster stays at the bottom of the ramp as the SD! Roster stays over in front of announce.

Big Show chases Miz a bit, then chops him in a corner. Big Show rips Miz’s red shirt off from his body. Forearm to Miz’s back, then a slap to his chest. Miz is whipped, but gets his feet up. Big Show grabs Miz, but Miz elbows out and flees the ring on the camera side. Both rosters flow in his direction. MVP drops down and gets right in Miz’s face, but doesn’t touch him. A few of the RAW boys go after Big Show, so he gets back in the ring.

Long comes out to the stage. Since Bragging Rights is only 6 days away and both rosters are here, let’s have a SD! Vs. RAW Battle Royal.

– Commercial

The ring is completely full of red and blue, so bear with me!

Both rosters fly at each other. One of the Usos fly out of the ring. Then JTG thrown out of the ring. Henry is wandering. Hornswoggle hit Cole over the ring with his flag! Riley eliminated. Primo on Gallows. Hornswoggle back on Cole outside. Hornswoggle rips off his helmet and wig, then put on Cole’s headset. Cole leaves as Hornswoggle babbles along. Masters eliminated. Miz and Morrison on Rey, but he stays in. Reks eliminated by Henry. Gallows eliminates Henry.

Eliminated – Jey & JTG & Riley & Reks & Henry

Morrison eliminates Chavo. Someone eliminates Regal. Rey and Big Show on Santino, but Santino stays in. at announce Hornswoggle is still brandishing his flag at Cole to keep him away! Cole yells at Hornswoggle, calls him a twerp. Kozlov eliminated. Santino sent out. Sheamus eliminates Gallows. Edge out and in under the ropes.

Eliminated – Chavo & Regal & Kozlov & Santino & Gallows &

Morrison and Del Rio fighting on the apron over a corner. They work their way up the corner, fighting the whole time. Morrison punches Del Rio and they both fall. Edge throws Swagger out! Swagger reaches in and pulls Edge out under the ropes. Swagger with an ankle lock on Edge. Another RAW boy came out, no clue who. Miz and Big Show fight as the ring empties. Kofi eliminated. Ezekial trying to throw Rey out. Rey is gone.

Eliminated – Morrison & Del Rio & Swagger & Kofi & Rey

Zeke then eliminated both Drew and Cody! The only boys left are Miz, Big Show, Zeke, Bryan and Sheamus! Miz is outside, but not eliminated.

Eliminated – Drew & Cody

Each boy in a corner. They all head for Big Show. Big Show throws Bryan out.

Eliminated – Bryan

Sheamus and Zeke on Big Show. Forearms to his back. They get Big Show and they double suplex Big Show! Hornswoggle, upset, leaves announce. Big Show is whipped, Sheamus sends Zeke into Big Show. Zeke sends Sheamus into Big Show, but Big Show gives Sheamus an elbow. Big Show eliminated Zeke.

Eliminated – Zeke

Miz rushes back in and helps Sheamus sends Big Show over the top. They run the ropes and Edge back in – still legal – spears Sheamus. Big Show grabs Miz by the throat and slams him out.

Eliminated – Miz

Edge sends Sheamus over the top and out. Big Show back in. Edge and Big Show celebrate as Hornswoggle runs around with his flag. Big Show is obviously hurting. Hornswoggle on the stairs wagging his flag.

Eliminated – Sheamus

Winners – Team SD!

Backstage Wade says Nexus and Cena will witness what will happen when he crowned Champion. Wade makes Cena get up and raise Wade’s hand in a token of victory. Cena slams through them totally pissed, then raises Wade’s hand. Cena stomps off as they all laugh. The fans give some serious heat.

Biggest pop
Divas going after Vickie

Biggest heat
Vickie & Dolph
SD! Superstars

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