Batista’s New Movie Beginning Shooting, More On Kanyon’s Death, Sheamus

– As we reported over the weekend, Batista is expected to take some time off from WWE soon – as his new WWE Studios film”Killing Karma” is scheduled to begin filming in New Orleans next week.

– Radio host Howard Stern discussed the passing of Kanyon on yesterday’s show, noting that Kanyon had recently tried to book an appearance on the show, which the show’s producers had passed on and told him they’d get him on down the line.

– The Associated Press ran a story yesterday about the death of Chris Kanyon, noting that it was Kanyon’s brother who found him dead and there was a suicide note next to his body. Sad stuff.

– Sheamus is featured in the new edition of Men’s Fitness magazine as one of the 25 Fittest Guys in the World. Sheamus talks about how he learned to work out from his father and how he keeps in shape, always looking to better himself and accomplish goals. has an article looking at Men’s Fitness piece.

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