Lilian Garcia's Sendoff, John Morrison's "Palace of Wisdom", "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

— A few weeks ago, WWE’s television producer Kevin Dunn suggested an “American Idol” style ripoff for SummerSlam looking for the next Lilian Garcia. However, it doesn’t appear that WWE will be going in that direction — at least by tomorrow night — as they have yet to indicate anything regarding her impending departure from the company on television. How WWE will handle replacing her as the ring announcer for Raw remains unknown at the moment.

Garcia will be working tomorrow night’s pay-per-view event and Monday’s Raw in Las Vegas before departing from the company as she opted against renewing her contract a few months ago. However, she noted to fans on her Twitter account a few weeks ago that August 24th was the final date she was confirmed for. It may not necessarily be her final date with the company as she could work at least one more show. (source:

— Rikishi, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Ronny “The Dice Man” Vegas, The Barbarian, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Bo Bo Brazil Jr., Boink the Clown and valet Nicole Marie will all be performing at the Grandstand at the Illinois State Fair tomorrow afternoon at 5 PM. There is an autograph session from 3-5 today as well. As a special bonus, four contest winners will be selected to valet the wrestler of their choice from the locker room to the ring, watch the match at ringside and return with the wrestler to the locker room. Four more winners will be selected as ring girls and will take care of the wrestlers’ attire and accessories after they enter the ring prior to the match. (Thanks to Devin Cutting)

— John Morrison is hosting a new web show on and it is called “The Palace of Wisdom.” Click here to view the premiere episode.

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