Several Charges Against Kurt Angle Dropped, Assault Charge Still Pending

TNA Champion Kurt Angle appeared in a Robinson Township, PA court on Tuesday morning and was found not guilty of harassing his ex-girlfriend, Trenesha Biggers (TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan). District Judge Carla Swearingen also dismissed charges of driving with a suspended license and posession of Human Growth Hormone (he had a valid prescription), which was inside his vehicle at the time of his arrest.

Biggers was present at the hearing but did not comment publicly afterward.

Angle still faces an assault charge against Biggers and will be back in court next month to defend himself. He maintains that he’s never physically harmed Biggers.

After leaving the courthouse, Angle spoke to the media and said, “I will continue to live my life by the law, as I always have.” To watch video of Angle’s emotional comments to the media, visit

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