RAW Report 2/23/09 Nashville, Tennessee

RAW this week starts with video of Shane and Orton facing off in the unsanctioned match. They fought all over the place and hit beautiful spots. Between clips of the match was clips of them talking about the problems between them. The whole thing overlaid with dramatic music. Cody and Ted attacked Shane as he was about to fly and Orton was down. Orton punted Shane’s head off. Steph rushed to her brother’s side. She then tried to get answers from Orton, but only got an RKO. Suddenly HHH rushed into the ring and grabbed her hand. He shook and seethed at Orton in barely controlled fury.

Vicki is in the ring. “Excuse me!” But so much heat from the fans that she’s barely heard. She said that due to the unfortunate incident that befell the McMahons last week, the Board of Directors named her the interim GM for Friday Night RAW (I think I heard her say Friday). She said she’ll be as dedicated to RAW as she is every week to SD! Cena’s music cuts her off. He comes stomping to the ring. Cena stops the music and says it isn’t right and to wait. He’s shocked the Board chose her? We still have Adamle’s number and could have brought him back to laugh at. Funnier than ‘excuse me’! “Cena” chants from men and women. He said he’d have made a hundred other choices, but you can’t fight city fall and congratulations. He asks her to have pride in the product and not lie to them. We all know she doesn’t care about the McMahons and she doesn’t care about us. She only cares her husband is Champion. He reminds Vicki he has a rematch clause and is cashing in tonight. Edge’s music. He comes out with Big Show tagging well behind. Edge wants to know who Cena thinks he is that he can come out and intimidate his wife? Does he think he’s Randy Orton? He thinks it’s time Cena feels intimidated. Cena says for once in his life Edge should stand up and be a man. This match will happen and Edge has no reason not to defend tonight. Edge says he does and it’s because he doesn’t answer to Cena. He feels sorry for Cena who wants to be this generation’s Hogan or Austin. He wants to be that guy so bad! But it can’t happen, it’s impossible because Edge won’t let it happen. It’s just bad timing because he exists in Edge’s era. Edge says he’s smarter and tougher than anyone who held the title before. So while Edge is around Cena can’t be that guy who people want him to be. It’s a shame as people are losing jobs and getting divorced and Cena’s that beacon of light. Cena should stretch it out as long as he can before the rematch and Edge beats him, then these people will be left with absolutely nothing. Cena tells him it’s a fine speech. “Cena” chants. He says it’s because they’re in the ring with a disgusting, barbaric 400 pound beast. And he brought the Big Show out too. Edge is pissed! Cena says he doesn’t pretend to be anything. Edge is the Champion, Cena the former Champion and one step away from being the Champion. Vicki should step up and do the right thing and make the match. Show says Cena should shut up and leave Vicki alone. Cena asks where Show fits in? Edge is Champion and Vicki is GM. Oh, Show is there to take care of Vicki. Sorry Edge can’t take care of her in the bedroom. Cena asks dirty questions but Vicki cuts him off., she says Edge is family, Show is friend, Cena’s neither. Cena’s a subordinate. So either Cena will face her family or her friend. Cena says he’ll either slay a giant or walk out Champion. Cena leaves the ring and the other three look pissed.

Out back there’s a black car. Cody and Ted get out of the front and Orton out of the back, all looking nervous and around in fear for HHH.

– Commercial

There’s a briefcase hanging above the ring. It’s a Triple Threat Match and the winner will qualify for the MITBLM. CM Punk comes out first. Miz in next to the ring. Morrison rounds out the match in a very handicapped bent. All three stare up at the briefcase before the bell.

Punk kicks Miz and hits Morrison. Miz rolls up Punk but Morrison breaks the count. They work over Punk together. Punk fights back. Morrison holds Punk’s arms, but Punk kicks the heck out of Miz. Punk is whipped, moves out of Miz’s way, but gets Morrison’s elbow. They both work over Punk in the corner. Punk is whipped but gets his foot into Miz’s face. Punk sends Miz over and then out. Morrison goes over the top with Punk.

– Commercial

Headlock on Punk by Morrison in the center of the ring. Miz is outside due to being taken out by both Punk and Morrison (accidentally) during the commercial. Punk got free and kicks to Morrison. Morrison was whipped and ate a high knee. Miz came from no where and attacked Punk. Morrison was knocked from the ring. Miz covers for two. Headlock on Punk in the center of the ring. Punk ‘Hulks up’ and gets free. Huge punch to Miz. Punk grabs Morrison in one hands and hits a back body drop on Miz with the other. Punk takes them both down. Fast scoop slam to Morrison and Miz breaks the count. Punk up on Miz’s shoulders and a kick form Morrison drops Punk hard. Miz covers Punk, Morrison breaks it. Covers from Morrison and Miz breaks it. They start fighting between them. Miz tries to suplex Morrison into the ring, Punk is there to get under Morrison. Morrison on Punk’s shoulder and Punk spins to use Morrison’s feet to kick Miz from the ring. GTS to Morrison and Punk covers for three.

– Winner: CM Punk

Video of how Punk won the match. Punk points at the briefcase and the WM sign.

– Commercial

Cole and King talking about HHH’s interview with JR on SD! Video of that interview. HHH says Orton’s been walking a fine line around here. Last week on RAW, he put his hands… HHH stopped and drank some water. HHH said a lot of people might not like Vince, but he’s a 63 year old man. Orton kicked him in the head and hid behind doctors and lawyers. Then he did the same to Shane for defending his father. Then Orton put his hands on HHH’s wife. HHH looks into the camera and told Orton he crossed the line, one he can’t come back from. Stephanie is the mother of his children. Hh shook his head then ripped off the mic and stopped out.

Out back Grisham outside Orton’s locker room. Cody and Ted come out. Cody says the way this is being shown isn’t right. Orton didn’t want to face Shane, shade wanted that. Steph was the one who came out and confronted Orton. Rather than pointing fingers, people should be taking responsibility for their actions. Orton will not be prisoner. He’ll be out to address the accusations later.

Santino with Beth and Rosa meet up with Dolph out back. They’re all introduced to each other.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Beth faced Melina last week. Melina was attacked outside by Rosa. The face Divas came out and beat down Santino and Rosa.

Melina comes out in blue with yellow and red flamed on her two piece outfit. Cryme Tyme comes out to tag with her! Santino’s music and out comes Santino, Beth, Rosa and Dolph.

Beth and Melina start. Melina on Beth’s back and punches to her gut. Beth slams her down but Melina keeps coming back with punches and kicks. Melina is whipped then an elbow. Melina fights out of the corner. They face off but Beth reaches back and tags in Dolph. JTG tags in slams Dolph hard! Dolph in a corner and then slams him down for two. JTG slammed onto the second turn buckle face first and then face first to the mat. Headlock on JTG. Beth is screaming at Santino who short arms his partner. Dolph gets hit with an upper cut from JTG and Shad tags in. Clotheslines to Dolph then Dolph high in the air and slammed down. Dolph rushes over and tags in Santino. Santino gets pumped up but then runs fast into Shad, gets slammed down and covered for three.

– Winners: Cryme Tyme & Melina

Beth is pissed off. Melina and Cryme Tyme stand over Santino and giggle.

Out back HBK is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

WM promo. 41 days away.

Cena out back waiting.

Video trailer for Cena’s newest movie.

JBL to the ring part way in his limo and then he comes out and walks the rest of the way. JBL’s left eye is still slightly blackened. HBK comes bouncing out to face him.

They lock up and HBK is backed into a corner. Cheap shot to HBK, but HBK fights back. Lots of punches to JBL. Huge clothesline to HBK for two. Swinging neck breaker to HBK for two. JBL goes to drop an elbow but HBK moves and covers for two. HBK starts working over that arm of JBL’s. HBK slammed down and a boot to his head. JBL punches the heck out of HBK in a corner. JBL telegraphs and HBK kicks him. Chops to JBL. Forearms to JBL in a corner. HBK is whipped and then down on the mat. JBL pulls HBK up then punches him down. An elbow drop to HBK for two. High knees to HBK in a corner. HBK is whipped but gets a foot up. HBK tries to clothesline JBL from the ring, but JBL ducks and then hits a right sending HBK from the ring. JBL follows. HBK on JBL’s shoulder so JBL could slam HBK’s face into the ring post. HBK slides off and sends JBL into it, but HBK ate the back of JBL’s head, hard. Both are down but manage to roll in at about 8.

– Commercial

Both are struggling to their feet. HBK sitting up top and JBL kicks him in the face. HBK falls to the floor. HBK beats the count back in the ring. JBL takes HBK down and covers for two. Forearm to HBK’s back. Abdominal stretch on HBK. “HBK” chants. HBK fights out and an elbow to JBL’s face. HBK ducks a clotheslines and hits a flying forearm. HBK nips up. JBL misses it. HBK takes him down and climbs. HBK hits his elbow. HBK tunes up the band. JBL tries to punch HBK and then send shim in a corner. HBK over the top but skins the cat. JBL takes HBK down hard. JBL is slightly bleeding from the center of his forehead. JBL was about to hit the clothesline from hell, but HBK hit sweet chin music for three.

– Winner: HBK

Video of HBK hitting sweet chin music and getting the three. HBK looks up at the WM sign. Suddenly Kozlov’s music and he stomps to the ring pissed. Kozlov glares at HBK. A mixture of “HBK” and “USA” chants. HBK attacks but Kozlov takes HBK down hard. The fans give him huge heat while he cheers himself in the ring.

Out back Ted, Cody and Orton are quietly talking in the locker room.

– Commercial

WM video. WM24 in Orlando. MITBLM and CM Punk won it. Show faced off with and was beaten by Mayweather. Taker beat Edge. But it was all about Flair’s last stand on his own terms. It will always be a legendary match, one for the books. The beautiful ending by HBK made it that much more.

Jamie Noble is in the ring. He says he only lasted 15 seconds against Kane last week. He knows if he lasts longer tonight, then he’ll go to WM. Knox comes out to face him.

There’s a clock in the corner. Jamie rushes out but is slammed down. Kicks to Knox’s face, but then Noble runs into a big boot. Knox’s finisher and it’s over for Noble. He lasted 29 seconds.

– Winner: Mike Knox

King and Cole talk about Austin as well as the Funks being inducted into the HOF. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat is the next to be announced for this year’s class. Great video about Steamboat’s career in the WWF/WWE. Much about him feuding with Flair, then beating him. Austin and Flair both talked him up. King says he’s here tonight!

– Commercial

Cole on the stage announces Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat. Fans to their feet as he comes out waving and smiling. He poses and smiles, wearing a beautiful suit. Cole said he must be elated. Steamboat said he’s thrilled. He reminisces about his career and thanks everyone. He said without them he couldn’t have achieved this great honor. Of course Jericho’s music. Jericho takes Cole’s mic and pushed him out back. The fans are pissed. Jericho said he also wants to say thank you. He thanks the Academy. Despite his shameless pandering, Rourke lost the Oscar. Now, like his character he’s a loser. He thought he had one last chance, but didn’t. Reminds him of the losers in the business – Flair, Piper and even Steamboat. Jericho will tell it like it is. When he wrestled in the Nwa, a company WWE doesn’t even recognize, he was just Ricky Steamboat. When he came to the WWE he became ‘The Dragon’. When it was over he was broken down, dysfunctional. But he back doored it and got a job outback. Now his loyal dog gets his bone. Unlike them in their robes or kilts, he’s in a suit. Enjoy the fans as he’s the biggest hypocrite of them all. Jericho walks off but Ricky stops him. He asks Jericho if he knows what a hypocrite is. He remembers about 20 years ago signing an autograph fro Jericho. He remembers how Jericho said he admired him and was his hero. Jericho wrote that in his autobiography. When Jericho came to the WWE he was a snotty brat who turned down the fans, but in less than a year he embraced them. Called them Jericho-holics. He spent the years turning on them and embracing them. That’s a hypocrite. From the first time he put on his tight until he retires, he didn’t change once. He gave them the respect and entertained them every time he came through the curtain. He didn’t change, not one. Himself, Flair, Piper and the other legends know who they are. Coming back to work behind the scenes, to help the young superstars, coach them and pass the torch. He did it because he loves this business. He doesn’t care what Jericho thinks of him. He’s not a hypocrite or a sell out, but he’s something Jericho may never be, a Hall of Famer. Jericho hits Ricky in the head with the mic and then bounces him into the back of the stage. Jericho yells at Ricky to stay down.

Video from the start of the show when Vicki says Cena will face her friend or family.

– Commercial

Cole and King talk about hh and Orton’s attack on Shane and Steph last week. Problem is that I could barely hear them over the music. Shockingly bad production from WWE! Grisham is out back waiting for HHH, but he’s not there yet.

Cena out to the ring. Vicki comes out to the stage. “Excuse me!” She says he will not be granted his rematch tonight. Cena says he’s shocked! He says he’s been patient, but she’s testing him. So, here’s what he’s going to do – follow her wherever she goes. He’ll go to SD! and then back here next week. Following her until he gets his rematch. She says he’s facing her friend or a member of her family. Chavo’s music and he comes out. Chavo goes to work but is slammed down. He glares at Vicki and then hits the five knuckle shuffle. The AA and then Cena locks on the STF. Chavo tapped out.

– Winner: Cena

Cena poses and smiles at Vicki. She glares at him in fury.

Out back Cody and Ted come out and look around. Then Orton comes out of the locker room. He has a sledge in hand.

– Commercial

Randy Orton and Legacy comes out to the ring. Orton is holding the sledge high, looking at it, then slings it over his shoulder. He has Ted and Cody get in the ring and he follows looking around for a possible HHH appearance. He gets in the ring with mic to huge heat. He says he’s been waiting for HHH all night. He might as well wait in the ring. That is if HHH will show at all. If people think HHH will show and avenge his wife, congratulations. If HHH is a McMahon, then he’s arrogant, out of touch and just plain stupid. If HHH thinks Steph is the victim, he’s wrong. Orton’s the victim. He wanted to go on with his business, but the McMahons got in his way. Vince insulted his family and was about to fire him. Orton says he has IED. Shane kept coming at him, so he kicked him in the head and put him in the hospital with his old man. Shane pushed and pushed until he pushed back. Then there’s Steph. Last time she got in his face she slapped him. She thinks she can do what she wants because of her last name. Last week instinct took over. Everyone judges him. They have no idea what he goes through. They have no idea what it’s like to be at the top of their profession. They can only fantasize about it. No idea what it’s like to be constantly scrutinized. Not idea of the pressure. But the McMahons do. He told Steph she should have known better. He only hopes HHH’s children were watching so they can learn from their mother’s mistakes. The fans go wild as HHH is on the tron. Grisham tries to talk to him, but HHH, in his leather jacket with his sledge just keeps going. “HHH” chants. HHH slowly walks out to the ring, shaking and seething the whole way. On the steps Orton tells HHH to hang on. He knew he’s bring his trusty friend. One of them will get hurt. It’s three on one. Why don’t they get rid of their sledges and deal with this like men. HHH holds his out. Orton tosses his form the ring. HHH drops his sledge too. HHH gets in the ring and slowly removes his jacket, the fans are wild! Orton motions the other two to stay back. Orton approaches HHH. They were face to face and HHH pulls another sledge from behind his back someplace. Legacy runs and Hunter takes chase. They get locked in someplace and he uses the sledge to get through. Ted and Orton are trapped and throw things at HHH to try to stop him. HHH gets to them and hits Ted between the shoulder blades with the butt of it. Orton tries to talk HHH down, but HHH throws the sledge at him. It goes through the mirror and the wall! Orton runs and HHH pulls the sledge out of the wall before taking more chase. Cryme Tyme move out of their way as Ted and Orton run out. HHH follows though the halls as people get out of their way and look on in shock. They get out to the parking area. Ted grabs a chair and Orton a long pole. HHH gets closer and they both drop their weapons and run more. They get to the car they arrived in. Cody’s in the driver’s seat with the engine running. They dive into the car but leave the back door open. HHH takes out the window with the sledge. They tear off. HHH throws the sledge at the car as it’s leaving the arena.

Biggest pop
Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

Biggest heat
Orton / Legacy
Vicki / Edge / Show / Chavo

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