Jesse Ventura Wanted To Investigate WWE, Sabu Shaved Bald, Rourke Interviewed

— Former Governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura wanted to investigate the WWE on all the recent deaths besides the business if he would’ve been elected to the Senate this past election cycle. Ventura tells Chris Yandek of, “It’s one of the things that if I would run for the senate I was going to do a senatorial investigation on the WWE.”

Ventura continued, “And you know for concerning what? What’s even a bigger importance is the fact that today they are still called independent contractors by the government which is absurd. They tell you when you wrestle. They tell you who you wrestle. They tell whether you win or lose. They tell you where you’re going to wrestle. They are your boss as much as any job in the universe. Yet McMahon is able to get away with calling all the wrestlers even today when he has them signed to exclusive contracts he still is allowed to call them independent contractors where they have to pay their own social security and he doesn’t have to pay a penny.”

You can read and listen to the interview at

— This past Wednesday, Mickey Rourke paid a visit to Russia to promote The Wrestler. Rourke gave an exclusive interview for Russian wrestling promotion – Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) (Official English site – Rourke talked about his role in the film, his wrestling training, the upcoming Wrestlemania XXV pay-per-view, and much more. It was Rourke’s only interview in Russia made specially for wrestling fans. You can see the interview at the following link. It’s in English language with Russian subtitles.

— Former ECW wrestler Sabu, 44, recently shaved his head bald, and he did not take part in a hair vs. hair match.

See photo of a bald Sabu (>>)

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