Latest Update On Batista's Rehabilitation, Kizarny Update, WWE Touts Viewership

— Here is the latest update on Batista and his rehabilitation, courtesy of

He’s in the gym 2x a day still. Everything is going very well.

Looking forward to coming to the DC Auto show next week.

After that he has a scheduled visit to the surgeon to take a look at how he’s healing.

— added a profile on Kizarny today at the following link. Kizarny has not appeared on SmackDown in exactly one month, but appeared at house shows over the weekend. He beat WWE developmental wrestler Eric Escobar and Chavo Guerrero in separate matches.

— WWE issued a press release today noting it’s three main shows – Raw, Smackdown and ECW – are the No. 1 show shows among males on the cable and broadcast television on the nights they air. According to WWE, Smackdown is the No. 1 show for Males under 50 among the broadcast networks on Fridays, Raw is the No. 1 entertainment show on cable for men, and ECW is the top rated show on Sci-Fi among men. {Oh man, ratings supremacy achieved}

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