Backstage Plans For Undertaker At Unforgiven, Vince Fuming At TV, ECW Rating

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— At the moment, WWE has plans for the winner of the SmackDown Scramble match at Unforgiven to subsequently defend the title later in the night against Undertaker. The idea is that Vickie Guerrero would be giving him the title shot as a peace offering.

— Vince McMahon was in a bad mood at last week’s television tapings after SummerSlam. He was quite critical of Raw and in an even worse mood at the next day’s SmackDown’s tapings. The shows didn’t go as he would have liked due to a timing issue as they were said to be overwritten. WWE didn’t have the scripts in place for SmackDown until 7:00 p.m. on the night of the show. The disorganization reminded some of working in World Championship Wrestling. McMahon also cussed out Bruce Prichard at the Raw taping due to a certain situation. A number of people were walking around on egg shells at both television tapings when around him. Additionally, some people were reminding McMahon about his looming 63rd birthday, which took place on August 24. McMahon’s still into youth and doesn’t want to face the reality of aging.

— Last night’s edition of ECW drew a 1.3 cable rating, which is down from last week’s 1.5 figure.

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